Monday, 31 March 2014

goodbye march

March was a good month.  The weather has been changeable but there have been some beautiful skies and welcome sunshine. Spring may well have sprung.

Our garden is wakening up, beginning to unfurl in the warming temperatures.  We are planning our vegetable plot for the year ahead.  Growing things we will definitely eat seems to be the emerging strategy.  We had a bumper crop of Red Mustard last summer.  And absolutely no idea what to do with.  It did produce a lovely yellow flower though.  I am more enlightened now and tempted to grow a small amount this year.  Have you grown it before?

Today was especially mild and the sun shone.  I wandered around the garden after lunch enjoying the warmth.  Green buds are everywhere.  I am looking forward to perfect new green leaves covering the trees and shrubs.  A leaf covered tree. There is real beauty in nature.

Joining in with Annie's 'how does your garden grow?'


  1. It is so beautiful and amazing to see so many things springing back into life isn't it! xx

  2. I love spring and the happiness that we can see all around us with everything coming back to life. Just a beautiful and simple flower and a sunny day ... And life is happy again :)

  3. This is such a beautiful time of year isn't it... I am also enjoying everything green and flowery!
    In the area where we live are lots of fruit trees, and they are all in bloom now, such a pretty sight...
    Love from Mirjam.

  4. I love this time of year - I did something similar in my garden yesterday and I potted up some seedlings ready for the garden when the last of the frost has gone x

  5. This really is the best time of year I think - full of hope and promise and joyful colours in the garden. Not too many birds about at the moment though....a bit of a worry. Peach tree in blossom so all is well
    Best wishes

  6. Hi Bee, is that the giant red mustard leaf? I really like that actually for salad. It's nice and peppery, I also love rocket. I could quite happily just eat those two leaves! I'm hoping the wild rocket will just re-seed itself. Very easy gardening. enjoy the spring, Heather x

  7. I love this time of the year and really must get in the garden soon, you'll enjoy growing some veg, it's very satisfying! :) x

  8. March was lovely and if today's anything to go by, April will be even more so. As for these lighter evenings - bliss.
    I hope your veg growing is a success. We tend to do well with broad beans, potatoes (a bit boring I suppose but good fun to pull up), herbs, courgettes, cucumbers and rhubarb - apparently it's a vegetable - and chillies.
    I read somewhere it's a good idea to try growing things which are expensive to buy...
    Happy planting!
    Sarah x

  9. last month went quickly didn't it?! lovely Spring photos Bee x

  10. Your photos are lovely, I can only imagine how pretty your garden is :)

  11. I've grown giant red mustard - not sure if it's the same thing. REALLY mustardy leaves, in a blow your head off kind of way. We do like them though. I need to put some serious time in in the garden, and also get lots of things started off on windowsills and get down to the allotment. Oh, there's never quite enough time!

  12. oh, your garden looks so beautiful!! what a lovely time of year. we are enjoying the change into autumn down under.. (it was a very hot summer, so the cool days and grey skies are most welcome!!) mezz x

  13. i find that period of spring always so enchanting and exciting when the plants decide to come back to life and there is a buzz in the air. we are still behind with it all, but the first little leaf buds are started to show on some of the braver trees. the crocuses have popped out, and the greenfinches have returned so that should be a sure sign of winter is past for now! :) have a lovely week x

  14. Oh so pretty - and dainty. I can't believe March has ended already! xx

  15. I know what you mean, I was in the garden this week and suddenly, overnight, loads of plants had popped up and flowered! It was so good to see and made me really happy. I love the plotting and planning that takes place in the garden at this time of year and wish you lots of success in your garden. x

  16. March just flew by didn't it? it's lovely to see all those pretty flowers.
    Happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  17. Such pretty photos. My neighbour grew cucumbers a year or so ago and it grew like a weed! I don't think she knew what to with her bumper crop either - you can only eat so many cucumbers :-) x


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