Sunday, 10 January 2016


So 2016 is already under way. Like last year I have some good intentions to live by. Resolutions don't feature in my welcoming of the new year. I simply don't enjoy the pressure. 

Last year, I intended to live simply, take time to slow down and enjoy the everyday. To enjoy special moments and simple pleasures. And I'm pleased to say I had a lot of fun doing just that. 

This year, I want to continue exploring, learning and adventuring. Enjoying experiences and availing of opportunities as they arise. 

A lyric from a song by Kacey Musgraves has been playing around and around in my head recently. 'Follow your arrow, wherever it points.' This year I will be doing exactly that. I'm excited to see where it will lead me. 

Wishing you all a wonderful 2016 and thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings. I really appreciate your company. 


  1. I hope that your arrow will point you to some great places this year! xx

  2. Hi Bee, I am sure you'll find your way to a peaceful yet adventurous year with your sweet family. Happy New Year!

  3. That's a lovely lyric to have in your head. I hope your arrow points in all the right directions for a wonderful 2016. x

  4. Hoping that arrow takes you on some great adventures in 2016! :) xxx

  5. That is a lovely guiding principle Bee, and I agree about resolutions, who needs more pressure eh? x

  6. Enjoy 2016 Bee. Will always pop in. Jo x

  7. Hey Bee,
    Marc loves Katy Musgraves, but possibly for entirely different reasons than yourself...
    Leanne xx

  8. Wishing you a peaceful, healthy and beautiful 2016. I hope it will be full of fun and exciting adventures for you and your family. X


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