Monday, 25 February 2013

52 weeks of happy (21/52) ......

joining in with Jen and 52 weeks of happy ...
here are my four smiley happy things from the past week ...
enjoying the weekend at home, doing a bit of crafting and baking ...
a poorly little fairy feeling much better and completely unable to resist temptation ...
drying washing on the line in the sunshine ... and an airing cupboard scented with fresh air ...
simple pleasures ... xx
hope you are all having happy times whatever you are up to
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  1. Glad to see your little one is on the mend, my boy is off poorly now. I have never known it so bad, school is half full! X

    1. Oh no ... I hope he is much better soon ... these bugs just won't go away ... Bee xx

  2. Same bugs over here I guess...They can fly pretty long distances then ;-)!
    Anyway, those happy moments you describe are great! Love, Mirjam.

  3. Love these photos, glad the little fairy is feeling well enough for a little taste :)

  4. Ooh I fancy some cake! Lovely happy things. x

  5. That's such a sweet pic of your little fairy! Hope she's feeling all better now. I'm sure those cupcakes would cure all ills, they look delicious!
    Have a happy week,

  6. I can see why she couldn't resist digging a finger in there! Yum!!!

  7. Glad to hear the little fairy is feeling better! I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off those cupcakes either :-) x

  8. I bet you had to be quick with the camera - those cakes wouldn't last long around here! Just the right medicine for Little Fairy x Jane

  9. mmm them buuns look so yummy! nothing like some sugar to feel better:P


  10. Gorgeous. What a sweet little finger
    Kindest regards linda

  11. beautiful post!
    they look like delicious little treats too x

  12. Your cakes look fabulous, and very tempting. Lovely photo of your girl too!

    I hung washing on the line yesterday and today, and it did make me very happy - it smells so nice when you bring it in.

    Gillian x


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