Sunday 10 February 2013

lovely things ... anna wiscombe ......

another lovely thing to share with you ...
the work of Anna Wiscombe ...

Valentine wall birds - love bird pairs

'Anna uses birds, animals and leaves in her designs, she produces a collection of decorative and functional wooden products that are full of intricate details and have their own special character.
 Anna's love of nature and the shapes found within it are given a contemporary edge by using bright colours and stylised forms whilst always complimenting the natural beauty of the wood.
Whilst pieces are replicated, no two will ever be the same, making each one an individual character for you to enjoy.'
Decorative Bird Ornament - Coconuco
 Anna makes and sells beautiful necklaces and brooches ... as well as wall birds and ornaments in her etsy shop and through her website ... you can click on the first two pictures to be taken to their listing in the etsy shop ...

i am thrilled to have welcomed a family of wall birds into our home ... i can't wait to get them up on the wall ... 

this past week we have been otherwise engaged ... they hasn't been much time for blogging ... we were working on something special ...
we are happy to be a nappy free zone ... the little fairy 'is a big girl now' ... the last of the baby stage ... xx


  1. Oh I LOVE them! They're going straight onto my wishlist - I love that second birdy ornament...and the wagtail brooch on her website. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!x P.S good luck with the nappy free zone!

  2. These are beautiful, going to hop over to her website right now. Well done to little fairy :-)
    Have a happy week xx

  3. Those are beautiful, I'm going straight over to check them out! Congratulations on the potty training success, a big milestone indeed - good times! x

  4. these are so lovely, how are you going to display yours?

  5. They are very cute. off for a look. x

  6. These are gorgeous, they will look so lovely up on display. Well done to your little one. Have a great week. xx

  7. I love anna's work. These little birds are gorgeous!

  8. Your wall birds are fabulous! Love them. Off to have a peek at her stuff now.

    Col x

  9. Oh they are just GORGEOUS...of to the shop i go........

  10. These birds are beautiful. How exciting to be 'out of nappies' my grandson is also nappy free apart from bed time and that is only a precaution. My daughter used 'proper' nappies so is saving on lots of washing :)

  11. Bee they are gorgeous...will take a tiny peek!

    Yay!! to the fairy and big girl pants....

    Daisy xx

  12. These are beautiful bee, what a good find x

  13. Oh my - such adorable little birdies.

    Nina x

  14. Oh bee. How sweet. I to will be possibly purchasing. I have a thing about love birds!!

  15. what a gorgeous decoration Bee! Heather x

  16. Those birds are gorgeous, thanks for sharing. I love that shade of pale blue/turquoise she uses. Congratulations on being a nappy free house!

    Gillian x


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