Thursday, 22 August 2013

52 weeks of happy (44/52)

I'm really not sure where this past week went in such a hurry.  I am on auto pilot most of the time now. Enjoying the remaining days of the holidays in a haze of exhaustion.  Nine weeks is a long, long time when you're looking after three busy little ones who seem to have an endless list of wants.

I'm not complaining though.  Summer has been wonderful and I am happily exhausted.   But, I may be running out of steam.  Thankfully Mr F is off for a few days next week.An extra pair of hands will make me very happy indeed.

We were invited to my uncle's 80th birthday party last weekend.  A lovely sunny day and a party in the garden.  An opportunity to catch up with my large extended family.  Happy smiling faces all around.

A visit to Mellon Fun Farm on Sunday with the little ones.  A happy day out, a picnic and lots to see and do.

Watching my second little boy conquer his fears.  Whilst his big brother revels in handling insects and animals, he has been unsure.  At the farm he found, picked up and played with a ladybird, nervous to begin with, but gentle and relaxed as he became more confident.  So lovely to see.

Joining in as always with lovely Jen from little birdie for 52 weeks of happy. It feels good to stop and take stock of the simple happy things.


  1. These are lovely happies, Bee - enjoy your few days together with Mr F, that'll be a nice way to wind down towards the end of the summer holidays.
    Have fun!

  2. Awh what lovely pictures Bee x Great to see them pushing themselves outside their comfort zones isn't it! And where has this week gone... It's crazy! Hazel x

  3. Lovely happies. I know exactly what you mean about feeling a little tired at this point in the long summer holidays.

    Leanne xx

  4. Great happies and love the photos in this post.
    M x

  5. Yes, I hear you Bee, happy with the holidays but I am now getting through by keeping busy. All good, just so busy, I am missing having a few hours to just 'be'. But the girls need me more as they are a little done with each other and yearning for rountine, so we have a morning plan and afternoon plan and it's working (for now)!!!
    D xx

  6. Aaah, what a sweet and brave boy...!
    I wonder what the next step will be...; o)
    Love, Mirjam.

  7. Aw such sweet pictures of your boy with the ladybird. Elizabeth let an ant crawl on her arm this week which was lovely as she's normally so scared of anything - no matter how small! Hope you have a lovely few days with Mr F. xx

  8. Golly 9 weeks is a marathon, well done for keeping your energy levels up and loving seeing your kiddies growing xxx Penny

  9. Such a sweet and brave boy...i am the same with moths...but he is braver than me.... i could not hold a moth even now....D x

  10. My son was afraid of all insects as a preschooler, but by the age of seven he was asking for a tarantula for his birthday ... it was me who wasn't brave enough for that! It's wonderful to watch them overcome and grow beyond their fears isn't it :)

  11. Hi Bee, I have just found your blog and love it! Looking forward to reading more...

    Caroline xx

  12. Brave boy you have! As always, lovely pics xxx


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