Thursday, 8 August 2013


Busy summer days crammed full of simple pleasures.  The weather has been great. Cooler now but with sunshine most days and very little rain.  Just infrequent showers which blow over quickly.

We've been pond dipping, bug hunting and butterfly chasing.  We have enjoyed countless walks and picnics.

We've made some new friends this summer.  The little ones have two new playmates and I have found a lovely friend in their mum.  They live really close by and we have spent happy days, out and about.

Yesterday we all went to the local county show.  An annual agricultural event. The little ones had a great time visiting the animals.  We saw rare breed cows, sheep, pigs, poultry and pet rabbits.

We watched the competitive judging of the pedigree cattle.  The animals are so impressive and very beautiful. We watched one getting a shampoo and blow-dry before it was shown in the ring. They are so well cared for by their handlers.

We had a wander around the exhibition hall marvelling at the competition entries.  So many cakes, vegetables and flower displays and the children's craft entries were amazing.

We finished off the day with the most delicious ice cream from tickety-moo, a local dairy farm which milks jersey cows.

We are now well through the holidays.  School starts again in September so we plan to have a few more easy-going summer days before routine takes over again.

The little fairy starts playschool and for the first time in seven years I will be home alone for a few hours each day.  I will miss her constant chatter but I think it will be good for me.  I just hope I won't be too lonely.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer break and cramming in lots of fun.


  1. Oh those pigs! I want, I want...

    1. They were gorgeous ... I wouldn't mind a few snuffling round the garden ... Bee xx

  2. Friends, picnics, ice cream, animals.. we love all those things too! Simple pleasures are the best!
    I'll be on my own for a couple of hours every morning too start September.. but in between tidying up the house, a little bit of sewing, meeting friends for coffee and hoping to start exercising again, I think those few hours will fly!! I will miss my little one but then I'll enjoy the afternoons with him even more - and I know he'll love it!

    1. You're right, the time will fly ... I am looking forward to some time on my own ... and my little one is so ready for it ... she can't wait ... Bee xx

  3. I do love a proper country show ... you've really brought back some memories for me with these photos Bee.

  4. Those pigs are just adorable. I'm glad you're having a nice summer. :)

  5. I'd love to go to a proper country show, yes still having fun! :) x

  6. I haven't watched cattle judging in years! i remember as a little girl I loved it. was always so amazed at what was going on.
    ice-cream from a place like tickety-moo just sounds like it'd be divine! have a wonderful weekend. x

  7. My kids would love to go there!
    Those pigs are just too cute!
    Have a great weekend,

  8. I love these kind of family days out! Lots of great things to see and lovely memories.
    M x

  9. Lovely photos and lovely days out - we too have been enjoying nature and savouring Summer this week - good times x

  10. Awh it has been a great summer hasn't it Bee! It always so mice to get out and about and make new friends. Long may it last. Have a great weekend, Hazel x

  11. These summer holidays fly by so quickly, sounds like you've been having fun and how super to make new friends. Here's to more special days before September arrives ~ Sarah x

  12. Sounds like a perfect summer to me :) Love the spotted piglets, and the cows look so dignified! I'm sure once you're into the routine, you'll cherish those few hours alone and the time will whip by so fast you won't have time to miss any of your kids. Enjoy the last weeks of summer! Wendy

  13. That county show sounds like fun. We always fancied going to the Great Yorkshire Show but it's really expensive and always on a week day so we never managed it. How lovely that you'll have some time to yourself in September. I was amazed at how productive I could be with two hours in a child-free house. xx

  14. Oh those piglets Bee, I have always loved them since I saw about 8 or 9 being born when I was about 7 years old. My first introduction to "giving birth" which captured my fascination for a long time! I haven't been to an English country show before but went to something very similar every year in South Africa where I grew up and loved all the animals too. I always remember that there was the treat of candy floss too :o) and have very fond memories of going with my family. I'm sure your littlies will remember the fun you all had and I hope you continue to share all your lovely summer time jaunts with us xox Penny
    ps. Soon those few free hours will feel very precious once the missing your little fairy has ceased, hang in there x


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