Thursday, 29 August 2013

52 weeks of happy (45/52)

52 weeks of happy.  Joining in with Jen to remember the simple things which made me happy this week.

Finding a sewing class.  At long last, someone to help me really get to know my sewing machine. An end to guessing.  I'm off there now for a lesson.

A surprise treat for the little ones.  We are going to see How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast tomorrow.  I can't wait.  I think they will love it.  We are all fans of his lovely books.

Crafting with the little fairy.  She will be in her element at playschool. Paint, glue, glitter and stickers on tap.

Relaxing in the afternoon with a huge mug of tea, reading my favourite magazines and indulging in a sweet treat, makes me very happy indeed.


photo: Playing with vintage sheets from the lovely Heather at my little red suitcase meant more happiness.


  1. Lovely sheets and lovely happies! Enjoy the theatre. X

  2. Bee well what a coincidence...the 11 year old is apparently 'too old' for stories but sometimes he will still ask for one, which he did this week.
    he chose 'lost and found' bytime Oliver Jeffers and all time fave.....

    thanks for sharing your lovely happy's.
    So pleased you have found a sewing class...will be expecting post soonest?

    d x

  3. Looks lovely....enjoy your class! :) x

  4. Reckon I spotted pillowcases with the same pattern as the sheet on the bottom right in the hotpress of my childhood home when I was back in Northern Ireland last week. I thought they were just old - pleased to know they are vintage! Would love to learn to sew like my mother did when we were little. Perhaps I could use the pillowcases in a patchwork quilt.

  5. OOh, how lovely - enjoy your sewing class and look forward to seeing your makes.
    Have fun!

  6. We love Oliver Jeffers in our house, and how to catch a star is such a sweet story. Enjoy the show, what a lovely treat. I am also soon starting a sewing course and yes it is so exciting. Enjoy your first class. xoxo

  7. Your fabrics are so pretty. Good luck with the class!

  8. So pleased to hear that you are loving your sewing machine, beautiful fabric patchwork. I love nothing better than a cuppa and a favourite magazine, BLISS. Enjoy the theatre, a lovely little treat x Penny

  9. The class sounds good, wouldn't it be nice to know how to make something from a pattern?! enjoy the theatre! Heather x

  10. How exciting must be your sewing class!You will be soon making beautiful things. By the way, I like lots those fabrics.

  11. ooh I love your vintage sheet patchwork - just beautiful!

  12. Oh, all sounds good! Good luck with the sewing class - can never find one here! X

  13. gorgeous fabric in that patchwork! how pretty xx

  14. Hi Bee, sorry I havent been around for a bit. I love that fabric! And a large mug of tea is always great! Hope you and yours are well, Jo xx

  15. Great fabric squares up top! Good luck in your sewing class ... nothing like getting a good lesson in the groundwork to set you off on your own creations. There'll be no stopping your creativity now. Enjoy your play tomorrow! Wendy x

  16. Beautiful photo, beautiful fabrics!
    Hope you enjoy How to catch a star, we saw it a couple of years ago, as well as Lost and found. I love Oliver Jeffers!!

  17. Lovely, happy happies this week! :-)

  18. Gorgeous vintage fabric Bee! What a great idea to do a sewing class, something I really need to do as well. Look forward to seeing your creations. Have a lovely weekend. Mel x

  19. Me toooo! I have found a lovely class that I'm going to register on called 'learn to love your sewing machine'! Unfortunately I have to wait until January as it runs on Saturdays for 4 weeks and I don't have a straight run of 4 Saturdays all the way through until Xmas - I can't believe my diary is already chocca before school starts again, and I can assure you that it's not full of lovely social engagements, just lots of boring stuff!!
    Em xx


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