Tuesday, 27 August 2013

lately in the garden

Abundance.  The raised beds are full to bursting with vegetables, we have been enjoying lots of home grown goodness and gifting some to family and friends.  The beetroot, my favourite is just ready for harvesting.

Courgette flowers.  I have been cooking courgettes at least every other day. The plants are producing them at an extraordinary rate.  Any recipe suggestions gratefully received.

A green veined white butterfly enjoying the flowers on the thyme.

The palest pink rose.

A sunbathing butterfly.  The leaves of the potato plant, the perfect lounger.

A snapshot of our garden taken today while wandering around in the sunshine, still enjoying summer but feeling change in the air.

I am happy.  Autumn is my favourite time of year.

Are you looking forward to the change of season?


  1. Hello Bee
    I'm loving your raised veggie garden beds, how I long for a little veg patch of my own. I do grow what I can in pots on our courtyard though. Nothing beats homegrown I don't think. I am still clinging to summer a little, but I too also love Autumn and the vibrant beauty of the season x Enjoy watching your garden change x Penny

  2. What a beautiful, thriving veg patch you have! Can't wait to see the yummy beetroot - and surplus courgettes in our family are made into fritters, sliced very thinly with a peeler into raw salads, or American recipes for zucchini cake (the last one is the preferred recipe by kids, of course!). Thank you for sharing such lovely photos, Chrissie x

  3. What a pretty sight! I guess you talk a lot to your plants, they are doing so well...;-)
    I also sense autumn in the air, the light is warmer, I love all the seasons and what they bring, but spring and autumn are my favourites! Love, Mirjam.

  4. Your raised beds look abundant and make a nice feature in the garden too. I am feeling Autumnal too, I love the colours in our woods at this time of year, nuts, pine cones, berries.

  5. wow Bee pretty impressive, kind of looking forward to Autumn now love it when the leaves change colour. x

  6. Lovely garden Bee! We are overrun with courgettes too ... was hoping you were going to give a couple of recipes or provide a link to '100 ways with courgettes' ...

    Have a lovely day

    Claire xxx

  7. Goooorrrgeous! Doing a lot of gathering and storing over here getting ready for the misty days ahead x Jane

  8. Oh lovely to see how your garden is looking this time of year! I really must get out there with the camera and document mine. Like you we are eating a lot of veg!

  9. wow Bee they have shot up....I love Autumn too (early Autumn) we all have our birthdays in sept/oct too......bestest d x

  10. What a lovely garden you have Bee, it's so pretty. I cooked this last week and it was out of this world! But I changed the pecans to chopped hazelnuts. It's one of the nicest cakes I've made in ages!


  11. So impressed with your veg patch Bee, wish mine looked half as impressive. Just got back from hols and it all looks pretty glum. I love beetroot and it is so easy to grow. Your courgette's are super impressive, well done you! xoxo

  12. Your garden looks so lovely. A great vegetable patch!
    M x

  13. Wow your garden looks amazing Bee, so lovely to pick your own veg. I must try harder next year! I can also feel Autumn in the air - though i'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. xx

  14. wow your raised beds looking fantastically lush! i also love autumn and the season is definitely turning here too, which i like (minus the flu it seemed to have brought on...) i heard about courgettes to be good in cakes because they don't add flavour but keep the cake moist. i haven't made it yet (boyfriend doesn't like courgettes...boo) but really fancy this walnutty cake
    ps i use this site a lot for inspiration, they always have really good and reliable recipes :)

  15. Your garden is spectacular Bee, such abundance!!! Spring here tomorrow and I absolutely can't wait for the change in season. Mel x

  16. Your garden is really beautiful, Bee. I am detecting a shift in the seasons here too and I welcome it. I love autumn.

    Have you tried chocolate courgette cake? I've never made it but I think you grate the courgettes like you would carrots - might be worth a try if you are all out of ideas! x


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