Thursday, 14 November 2013

nature in the home: autumn

I've really missed Lou's nature in the home series and was delighted it returned again for autumn and winter. However, I have been a little distracted lately, so this is my first contribution this time around.

Leaves from the virginia creeper which weaves its way up and across the front of our house.  I love the heart shaped leaves and vibrant red colour.  The leaves are becoming sparse, blowing around our drive so I gathered a handful and brought them indoors.

I taped them to a door in the shape of a heart.  It makes me smile every time I go into the hall.  I'm so glad I rescued a few before they are all blown away.

Joining in with the lovely Lou for nature in the home.


  1. How gorgeous Bee, what a romantic shade of red and adorable that these leaves are heart shaped. How incredible it is to celebrate all this natural beauty x Penny

  2. You have captured one of my favourite autumnal moments! I love the vibrant colours of virginia creeper, and your leaves make a striking heart. I do hope you save that perfect heart-shaped leaf forever! Chrissie x

  3. they are lovely little heart shaped leaves as you say... actually thinking about it this might be the plant on our fence... I must go out tomorrow and see if it is the same one! x

  4. Such beautiful vibrant leaves - they make me smile too x

  5. That's so lovely, thank you for sharing! Sarah xo

  6. So pretty and those colours .....
    I love your leafy door heart no wonder it makes you smile :o)
    love jooles xxx

  7. really lovely Bee, and slightly sad when they blow off! Heather X

  8. Hello Bee
    Gorgeous red!! You just can't beat nature's colours! They are heart shaped too.....paying more attention to nature's perfections...I wish I was more observant! The wreath looks perfect!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. So sweet! Beautiful colors.... A little bit of fall inside your home.
    Love from Mirjam.

  10. That's just lovely!
    Happy weekend, Bee

  11. The redness is so beautiful. I have the same all over the back of my house at the moment and I am determined to get outside in the daylight tomorrow to just stare at it. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  12. What beautiful leaves. My brother is trying to persuade me to plant/climb Virginia creeper up our house, but I'm concerned it would take over. Is it easy to keep on top of?

    I've just found your blog and got so enthralled, without realising it, I ended up reading back until last winter. Such a lovely blog and I'm so glad I found it

    Ali xx

  13. Incredible colour! And perfect heart shape. When I was pregnant with Charlie I pressed one of those leaves. And framed it for his nursery. I wonder where it is now? x

  14. These are so beautiful, such an amazing colour! xx

  15. Bee this is so, so beautiful. Their colour is so incredibly vivid! I love the way you brought them inside and made such a perfect shape from them. x

  16. What a lovely way to capture their beauty for a little while longer ...

  17. beautiful styling in these pics!


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