Tuesday 30 April 2013

goodbye april

Eventually spring arrived in April, late and a little unsure of itself. With a little luck it is here to stay and we will have a lovely May full of sunshine. I think we deserve it, don't you?

My garden moodboard for April has some pretty blossom. The trees and shrubs are coming into leaf in beautiful shades of green.

There are lots of yellow tones in this month's collection but I was determined to find another colour. After some rooting around I found a tiny blue flower. Speedwell. A weed but a pretty weed, so I was happy to find it.

Next month will be the one. My garden will be ablaze with colour and my moodboard will be happy and bright. Here's hoping anyway.

Linking up with karin a fotografi.

Monday 29 April 2013

52 weeks of happy (30/52)

Another week has flown by. April has been a really busy month here. Now it's almost over, I'm looking forward to a more relaxing May.

So for the thirtieth 52 weeks of happy (I do hope you aren't bored to tears) here are my four simple happy things. The look of pure happiness on our birthday boys face at his birthday party on Saturday afternoon. He had an absolute ball.

Getting reacquainted with my digital SLR. I really love my camera but had gotten out of the habit of using it as it was easier to carry a smaller digital camera. Now I have no need for a bulky baby changing bag I can carry it again. I would love a pretty camera bag though.

An afternoon out with Mr F on Sunday. A few precious hours stolen for ourselves while the little ones visited their grandparents and the opportunity for lunch in our own company. Bliss.

Beautiful blossom everywhere. So pretty and delicate.

Wishing you all a really happy week.

Wednesday 24 April 2013


Today we have a birthday to celebrate. Our eldest is seven. He is so precious and we are so, so proud of him. 

Our gentle soul, brimming with kindness and the most infectious sense of fun. We all love you so very much.

There was much excitement on your birth day. Being parents was new to us but you were and are perfect and have made it easy for us.

Happy birthday to our beautiful, blue eyed boy. Wishing you every happiness.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

52 weeks of happy (29/52)

My four happy things this week. Daffodils picked from our garden, the blooms of the bulbs planted late last year.

Visiting the Creative Crafts Show with my lovely friend and feeding my fabric habit.

Cross stitching like crazy.

Preparing our vegetable patch for new plants. One bed done, another to do.

It just proves it is the simple things in life that make me happy. Hope your week was full of happiness too.

As always, I'm linking up with the lovely Jen for 52 weeks of happy.

Sunday 21 April 2013

april showers

Today, we played a game of 'will we, won't we'. Should we brave the unpredictable April weather and head out for a spring walk. One minute we had blue skies and gorgeous sunshine, and the next grey skies and pelting rain showers.

Tiring of being cooped up at home we decided to go to Derryvore, one of our favourite places for a walk.

It hailed as we drove there. Such crazy weather, but after a few minutes wait in the car the weather faired and we went rambling.

We dodged raindrops and puddles. We walked to the lough shore and watched the fishermen in boats from the jetty. I think they appreciated the cloudy sky much more than we did.

As we wandered back up the lane, past the church the skies cleared and the sun shone.

We explored the woods. Spotted lots of new growth. Buds and blossoms were everywhere. Primroses, blackthorn blossom, violets and dandelions were all around.

The sun was warm. We even managed to shed a few layers.

This photo says it all. A day of two halves. Did you enjoy some sunshine today?

Tuesday 16 April 2013

52 weeks of happy (28/52)

Spring has sprung and that makes me very happy indeed. As always the simple things making me happy this past week.

Orange tulips. A change from yellow which I always seem to be drawn to, but just as beautiful. I adore this pretty spring flower.

A welcome rise in temperatures, despite the fact is it blowing a gale at the moment. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I definitely feel warmer.

The little fairy mothering all her 'babies'. She has many stuffed toys and dolls and these gorgeous little mice from the lovely Lazy Daisy Jones are her current favourite. She loves to make them dance together.

And also, booking a little family getaway to the coast for the May bank holiday week. I can't wait. I do hope the sun comes out to play.

Linking up as always to Jen at little birdie. 

Thursday 11 April 2013

nature in the home

Linking up with Lou's nature in the home series this week, some pictures taken at the Ulster American Folk Park.

I love the fact that having nature and plants in our homes is something which has spanned hundreds of years.

This is the main living room of a thatched cottage in Ulster. On the table is a fern in a glazed terracotta pot. The style and furniture is quite en vogue now, don't you think?

And the fireplace in a log cabin on the American Frontier, complete with herbs and flowers drying on a line of string above the fire. Inspiration for ways to include nature in our homes today.

Monday 8 April 2013

52 weeks of happy (26/52 and 27/52)

Following Jen's lead, I am including two weeks in my 52 weeks of happy this time. I have fallen behind and I'm hoping this will help me get back on track.

It's difficult to believe that just over half a year has passed since I started recording my simple happy things. Time flies by so quickly.

Week 26 and 27 brought Easter, lovely days out and a birthday. A really busy time but one full of happiness.

Another lovely #postcircle letter.

Easter fun. Decorating, crafting and hunting for eggs left by the Easter bunny.

Help and support from my lovely parents when we really needed it.

Country walks in bright spring sunshine.

And a lovely birthday for my little one.

We have had a fun two weeks and now it's back to routine. School again this morning.

Thank you for all the lovely messages you have left recently. Lack of time means I don't always get the chance to reply but they mean the world to me and I really appreciate them. I just thought you should know.

Friday 5 April 2013


Today our little fairy turned three. Our baby has grown into the most beautiful little girl, full of love, fun and laughter. Adored by her family and friends.

She arrived early on a warm, bright Easter Monday morning and has filled our lives with sunshine every day since. You are so loved, little one.

We have a small birthday party planned for tomorrow afternoon. She is so excited.

Wednesday 3 April 2013

nature in the home

Just popping in with my picture for Lou's nature in the home series. We have had an interesting Easter. That,s the best description I can come up with.

Mr F and I have been very ill after eating something dodgy on Saturday and are feeling a little delicate. To say the very least.

My lovely mum and dad came to our rescue on Monday and took the little ones out for the day so we could recuperate.

We are much better now and enjoyed a gentle afternoon walk yesterday and a more boisterous day out today, so all is well again.

And the sun is shining. Spring is finally here.
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