Monday 29 April 2013

52 weeks of happy (30/52)

Another week has flown by. April has been a really busy month here. Now it's almost over, I'm looking forward to a more relaxing May.

So for the thirtieth 52 weeks of happy (I do hope you aren't bored to tears) here are my four simple happy things. The look of pure happiness on our birthday boys face at his birthday party on Saturday afternoon. He had an absolute ball.

Getting reacquainted with my digital SLR. I really love my camera but had gotten out of the habit of using it as it was easier to carry a smaller digital camera. Now I have no need for a bulky baby changing bag I can carry it again. I would love a pretty camera bag though.

An afternoon out with Mr F on Sunday. A few precious hours stolen for ourselves while the little ones visited their grandparents and the opportunity for lunch in our own company. Bliss.

Beautiful blossom everywhere. So pretty and delicate.

Wishing you all a really happy week.


  1. I love your happy things. What a pretty photo. I have to start carrying my SLR more too; I often grab my point-and-shoot because it's so small and light but I'm trying to improve my skills and should use the SLR more often.

  2. I love my SLR but you're right it's so bulky to carry around but worth it. Have a happy week ... Sarah x

  3. Not bored to tears with your happies! It's great that you took out your dslr. But they are heavy and bulky so i know how you feel. X

  4. You MUST treat yourself to a lovely camera bag, I insist! :) x

  5. Oooh do let me know if you find a pretty camera bag - I'm thinking of crocheting one for my bridge camera but am open to ideas! Jane x

  6. Lovely photo. I love the delicate smell of the gorse flower its almost buttery.
    Good luck with the camera :)

  7. I always enjoy your happy posts! Great photo.
    M x

  8. Wishing you a happy week too.....

  9. I always love your happies Bee. I had a nice camera bag for my last birthday which I also just use as my everyday bag - it makes it much easier and is well worth it. Gorgeous blossom. Hope you have a wonderful week. xx

  10. I always love your happies too! That photo is beautiful.

    I need a camera bag too...let us know when you buy one! x

  11. Such a beautiful pic and your week sounds happy indeed. You're going to have to make yourself a pretty new camera bag!
    Enjoy the rest of your week


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