Sunday 21 April 2013

april showers

Today, we played a game of 'will we, won't we'. Should we brave the unpredictable April weather and head out for a spring walk. One minute we had blue skies and gorgeous sunshine, and the next grey skies and pelting rain showers.

Tiring of being cooped up at home we decided to go to Derryvore, one of our favourite places for a walk.

It hailed as we drove there. Such crazy weather, but after a few minutes wait in the car the weather faired and we went rambling.

We dodged raindrops and puddles. We walked to the lough shore and watched the fishermen in boats from the jetty. I think they appreciated the cloudy sky much more than we did.

As we wandered back up the lane, past the church the skies cleared and the sun shone.

We explored the woods. Spotted lots of new growth. Buds and blossoms were everywhere. Primroses, blackthorn blossom, violets and dandelions were all around.

The sun was warm. We even managed to shed a few layers.

This photo says it all. A day of two halves. Did you enjoy some sunshine today?


  1. It's been really cold here again today but yesterday we had our first walk in just t-shirts! Looks like a fun day! :) x

  2. Your little ones look adorable my grandaughter has a peppa pig rucksack - reminded me of wet walks with my three daughters when they were small. I'm glad you braved the weather and had fun x

  3. Looks like a lovely walk! The weather has been very changeable here too.
    M x

  4. I know just what you mean about the weather being changeable. It's been so bad here that it's so hard to know what to do outside. I'm mad to get out to the garden but just not possible yet. Love your pictures.

  5. Ah yes, that good old British unpredictable weather - was a bit like that here today too! X

  6. Sometimes you just have to go for it weather wise don't you! Xx

  7. Wonderful April weather, looks like you had fun. x

  8. despite the weather, looks like a beautiful day!

  9. We've had a lovely sunny spring weekend here at the factory. It's so nice to feel the warmth of the sun on my face again. Sarah x

  10. Looks like you made the best of your mixed weather day. We were so blessed with sunshine, washing on the line and a lovely cycle along the coast. Its really chilly and grey today though⁉ x Have a great week xx Penny

  11. We had that weather on friday....then saturday was glad you were able to get out and about gorgeous photos as usual....D x

  12. You did just as we usually do, bring a raincoat and hope for the best! You have to in this part of the world I think. You could wait for a very long time on some good weather

  13. Looks like a fab ramble - so lovely to get outdoors again isn't it?
    It was lovely and warm here too, I did some badly needed tidying up in the garden.
    Have a lovely week, Bee

  14. No rain here! I'm kind of hoping it will as watering by can is taking a very long time.

    Lovely muddy puddles.

    Nina x

  15. I think there is nothing more romantic than gumboots and puddles + laughter. great photos. x

  16. We did something similar but no small children here ... I kinda miss that ... teenagers always want to stay home!

    It really looks like you all had a wonderful walk :D

  17. Your walk looks wonderful - i bet you were so glad you ventured out. x


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