Sunday 22 March 2015

beach combing

Oh how I love the beach. Especially this time of year. Wrapped up against the cold wind. Tasting the salt on my lips.

As has become a tradition around St Patrick's Day, we answered the call of the sea. This time to the east and the beautiful Antrim Coast Road. Fossil hunting on our Jurassic coast. 

Hours spent searching for treasures. Sea glass, pebbles, rocks, shells and anemones. So many excited squeals of delight as special finds were crammed into pockets. Adding to their collections.

When the cold became too much, we headed back to the car for a picnic. My numb fingers tingling with relief as they circled a hot cup of tea. After, we drove a little further into the glens. It's a truly beautiful place and we made plans to return when the weather gets warmer. 

We returned home after stopping for tea. Our littlest declared 'this is the best day of my life'. Enough said.

Sunday 8 March 2015

simple pleasures

Just a few simple pleasures bringing happiness lately.

: :     Blue skies and wispy clouds.
: :     Playing with clay.
: :     Gorse blossom and it's coconut scent.
: :     Freshly baked scones. With jam and cream.
: :     Tiny little blooms. The garden awakening from its winter slumber.

I really enjoy taking the time to stop and acknowledge some of the little things which bring happiness to my day. So what's making you smile? Do tell.
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