Sunday 8 March 2015

simple pleasures

Just a few simple pleasures bringing happiness lately.

: :     Blue skies and wispy clouds.
: :     Playing with clay.
: :     Gorse blossom and it's coconut scent.
: :     Freshly baked scones. With jam and cream.
: :     Tiny little blooms. The garden awakening from its winter slumber.

I really enjoy taking the time to stop and acknowledge some of the little things which bring happiness to my day. So what's making you smile? Do tell.


  1. Always good to catch up. Today I am wearing your birdie felt brooch - feels like spring is round the corner. Jo X

  2. Hurray for blue skies, flowers and scones !

  3. Scones have been on my mind too. Maybe later... I've been enjoying getting out in the garden and on the allotment and pottering about, making everything ready for the new growing season. It's still chilly, but it's so satisfying. Enjoy your week Bee. CJ xx

  4. Your photos brought a smile to my face, perfect!

  5. An old tin bath I've just bought for my veg, takes all sorts I suppose ;) lovely images Bee :) xxx

  6. Oooh beautiful, it's so lovely seeing Spring in your photos. Hurrah for these warmer months and blue skies.

  7. I do love gorse, especially against a bright blue sky. To me it's a sign that spring has arrived - along with lambs and daffodils growing in the wild.
    Things making me smile right now? Good friends. Coffee and conversation. Village life - bumping into people and catching up whenever we're out and about.
    I do wish it would stop raining though! It's still so dark indoors...
    Have a lovely week x

  8. thank you for reminding me of the gorse, It's that time isn't it. I wonder if it was by the sea. You look like a top scone baker! X

  9. Wonderful simple pleasures - especially the scones! xx

  10. and sometimes the simple things are the important ones too, lovely photos and simple pleasure :)

  11. Oh, the colour of that gorse against the sky! Beautiful. And the scones look amazing. I need to make some scones and eat them while they're still warm. x

  12. Right now catching up on all my blog reading and sipping a glass of wine is making me smile :-) x

  13. I feel as if I can smell that gorse from here, all warm and coconutty in the sun. I hope you still have blue skies :)

  14. I love your photos. We have gorse in bloom here too just over the hedge and the coconut smell comes wafting in on the wind. My shepherd's hut is making me smile today. I have been giving it a spring clean and renewing my love of it as my private place.


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