Thursday 29 August 2013

52 weeks of happy (45/52)

52 weeks of happy.  Joining in with Jen to remember the simple things which made me happy this week.

Finding a sewing class.  At long last, someone to help me really get to know my sewing machine. An end to guessing.  I'm off there now for a lesson.

A surprise treat for the little ones.  We are going to see How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast tomorrow.  I can't wait.  I think they will love it.  We are all fans of his lovely books.

Crafting with the little fairy.  She will be in her element at playschool. Paint, glue, glitter and stickers on tap.

Relaxing in the afternoon with a huge mug of tea, reading my favourite magazines and indulging in a sweet treat, makes me very happy indeed.


photo: Playing with vintage sheets from the lovely Heather at my little red suitcase meant more happiness.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

lately in the garden

Abundance.  The raised beds are full to bursting with vegetables, we have been enjoying lots of home grown goodness and gifting some to family and friends.  The beetroot, my favourite is just ready for harvesting.

Courgette flowers.  I have been cooking courgettes at least every other day. The plants are producing them at an extraordinary rate.  Any recipe suggestions gratefully received.

A green veined white butterfly enjoying the flowers on the thyme.

The palest pink rose.

A sunbathing butterfly.  The leaves of the potato plant, the perfect lounger.

A snapshot of our garden taken today while wandering around in the sunshine, still enjoying summer but feeling change in the air.

I am happy.  Autumn is my favourite time of year.

Are you looking forward to the change of season?

Thursday 22 August 2013

52 weeks of happy (44/52)

I'm really not sure where this past week went in such a hurry.  I am on auto pilot most of the time now. Enjoying the remaining days of the holidays in a haze of exhaustion.  Nine weeks is a long, long time when you're looking after three busy little ones who seem to have an endless list of wants.

I'm not complaining though.  Summer has been wonderful and I am happily exhausted.   But, I may be running out of steam.  Thankfully Mr F is off for a few days next week.An extra pair of hands will make me very happy indeed.

We were invited to my uncle's 80th birthday party last weekend.  A lovely sunny day and a party in the garden.  An opportunity to catch up with my large extended family.  Happy smiling faces all around.

A visit to Mellon Fun Farm on Sunday with the little ones.  A happy day out, a picnic and lots to see and do.

Watching my second little boy conquer his fears.  Whilst his big brother revels in handling insects and animals, he has been unsure.  At the farm he found, picked up and played with a ladybird, nervous to begin with, but gentle and relaxed as he became more confident.  So lovely to see.

Joining in as always with lovely Jen from little birdie for 52 weeks of happy. It feels good to stop and take stock of the simple happy things.

Friday 16 August 2013

52 weeks of happy (43/52)

Joining lovely Jen for 52 weeks of happy.  Late, as is becoming my habit.  I really must try harder. 

Beautiful red flowers on our runner beans. Even if they never produce beans, they have been worth planting for the flowers alone.

I am officially frazzled.  I spent a hectic day today, running from one shop to the next, gathering necessities for returning to school in two weeks time. New uniforms, school shoes, vests, pants, socks, the list goes on and on.  But I am very happy to have it all sorted and in good time, leaving the remainder of the summer holidays dedicated to having fun. 

Our new houseplant, a maidenhair fern, brightening a corner.  I love its lacy green fronds and the blue of the pot.  Two of my favourite colours.

The apples on our tree.  Autumn is on its way.

I hope you are having a happy week enjoying the simple things.

Sunday 11 August 2013

magpies eye

I love necklaces.  I rarely go a day without wearing one.

Bracelets however I could live without.   They are always in the way of getting on with things.  I can't be bothered taking them on and off.

Recently while browsing in a charity shop, a sparkle caught my magpies eye. Little aqua faceted glass beads strung on a stretchy bracelet.  As I said earlier, not really my cup of tea.

But the beads were so pretty I was persuaded to part with my pennies.

I had a plan.  I snipped the elastic and released the beads.  I found a sterling silver chain in my jewellery box and strung three beads on to it.

Et voila.  A pretty new necklace and lots more sparkly beads to play with.

Thursday 8 August 2013


Busy summer days crammed full of simple pleasures.  The weather has been great. Cooler now but with sunshine most days and very little rain.  Just infrequent showers which blow over quickly.

We've been pond dipping, bug hunting and butterfly chasing.  We have enjoyed countless walks and picnics.

We've made some new friends this summer.  The little ones have two new playmates and I have found a lovely friend in their mum.  They live really close by and we have spent happy days, out and about.

Yesterday we all went to the local county show.  An annual agricultural event. The little ones had a great time visiting the animals.  We saw rare breed cows, sheep, pigs, poultry and pet rabbits.

We watched the competitive judging of the pedigree cattle.  The animals are so impressive and very beautiful. We watched one getting a shampoo and blow-dry before it was shown in the ring. They are so well cared for by their handlers.

We had a wander around the exhibition hall marvelling at the competition entries.  So many cakes, vegetables and flower displays and the children's craft entries were amazing.

We finished off the day with the most delicious ice cream from tickety-moo, a local dairy farm which milks jersey cows.

We are now well through the holidays.  School starts again in September so we plan to have a few more easy-going summer days before routine takes over again.

The little fairy starts playschool and for the first time in seven years I will be home alone for a few hours each day.  I will miss her constant chatter but I think it will be good for me.  I just hope I won't be too lonely.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer break and cramming in lots of fun.

Sunday 4 August 2013

52 weeks of happy (42/52)

Linking up with Jen for this weeks happy things.

Little mushrooms and toadstools appearing in our garden.  They are amazing, so delicate and perfectly formed.  I am a little fascinated by them.

Making blackcurrant jam.  I had convinced myself it was going to be very difficult but happily it was fun, although topping and tailing the blackcurrants did try my patience.  I'm hoping it doesn't resemble cement when we eat it.  I love the way the jam stained my wooden spoon.

Beautiful coloured threads.  One of my aunts was having a de-stash and thought of me.  Embroidery skeins, tapestry wool and crochet hooks were gladly rehomed.

A gift from my mum.  She saw me admiring this little brooch on a day out recently and went back to get it for me.  A really thoughtful surprise.  My mum is lovely.

Wishing you all a happy week and thank you so much for your comments.  I love to read them.  They make my day and you make me happy too.

Thursday 1 August 2013

goodbye july

July has been a beautiful month full of sunshine and happiness, spent outdoors enjoying the garden.  What summer should be.

Our garden has been blooming happily.  New flowers appeared as the temperatures soared.  Honeysuckle, marigolds, pansies and sweet william are all helping to add colour to our garden.

The colour appears in pockets here and there amidst a sea of green, so next year the plan is for bigger colourful displays.  I will enjoy seeking inspiration over the winter ready to act next spring.

The vegetable garden deserves a mention too.  It has exploded with growth this month.  The rain showers over the past few days seem to have amazing powers. Courgettes are appearing overnight, the cabbage are enormous and there is lots of lovely little blooms on the rocket, potatoes and herbs.

I love to sit and watch the bees and butterflies merrily flitting from one plant to the next enjoying the bounty.

Joining in with Karin and Asa.


Just a quick aside relating to butterflies.  I have a lovely friend who is involved with butterfly conservation and she asked my little ones to take part in the Big Butterfly Count.  You can still take part and it isn't just for little ones.  Follow the link to find out more.  It is a really worthwhile and fun thing to do.  My eldest was in his element.
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