Sunday 30 November 2014

simple pleasures

Simple things bringing happiness my way recently.

:  :     Making Christmas pudding and remembering my lovely granny.
:  :     Dried hydrangeas from my mum and dad's garden.
:  :     Amazing evening skies. A photo from earlier today.

So that's it for November. The festive season is almost here. I'm hoping for a slow, calm December. Time to celebrate the season and enjoy the simple things.

Our advent tradition of 'Mrs Christmas' will begin tomorrow morning. I can't wait to see the little ones faces.


  1. Oh a slow calm December sounds bliss Bee, here's hoping! X

  2. I would love a slow and calm December and I sincerely hope you get yours, Bee. I fear the reality for me may be own fault for being unable to say no to things. Your photo of the dried hydrangea head is beautiful, great colours. x

  3. Hello Bee! I always start out calm at the beginning of December, but things start to unravel a bit mid-way through. This year is starting off in chaos, so maybe it will be the reverse! Your pudding sounds yummy, and it's so nice to remember our departed loved ones while baking. I really want to make a Christmas cake (my mom's recipe), but haven't done it yet ... still time though (right?!). I have her cake pans waiting and everything. Enjoy your simple pleasures all through the holiday season. Wendy x

  4. Your hydrangeas are so pretty. I love the colors in them. I hope your December is slow like you want it to be.

  5. I'd like a slow calm December too, but I fear it may be a bit manic in places. But no doubt there will be fun and happiness. I hope you have a lovely month Bee. CJ xx

  6. I just read your Mrs Christmas post. I love her - what a great tradition! x


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