Saturday, 16 May 2015

wildflower love

Wildflowers are enchanting. Pretty little blooms that appear as if by magic. To choose a favourite is an impossibility for me.

Bluebells. Doesn't everyone love bluebells? Woodlands carpeted with blue are truly magical. The nodding bells swaying in the breeze. Perfect fairy flowers.

Cow parsley. Frothy fronds of delicate lace like blooms. Perfect little parasols. Maybe the prettiest wildflower of all. 

Cuckooflower. Heralding the arrival of spring. Almost always coinciding with the first call of the cuckoo. Pretty pink blooms dotted all through the meadows and verges. 

And lastly speedwell. Tiny, perfect little flowers. The most beautiful shade of blue.

So, do you have a favourite wildflower? Do tell, I'd love to know.


  1. Oh, so many to choose from! Violets, cowslips, dog roses, bluebells, primroses... I adore hawthorn blossom and cow parsley at this time of year too. Just beautiful.
    Have a lovely Sunday Bee.
    S x

  2. I like bluebells. A pretty flower with a pretty name.

  3. difficult to choose, it seems to be each one as it appears! I didn't know about Cuckoo flower, I'll look out for that one! x

  4. Pretty pictures. I'm not sure I could choose a favourite, like Heather above! Bluebell woods are very special though. xx
    Zoe | floral and feather

  5. I love your photos. My favorite wildflower is the simple daisy. I would love to have a field of them to pick from. I love poppies too. If I could have a wildflower bouquet, it would have poppies and daisies in it.

  6. I never knew that those pink flowers were called cuckoo flowers. My daughter only asked me the other day. They are so beautiful but seem rarer these days.

  7. Hey Bee,
    I think my favourite wold flower has to be cow parsley. Closely followed by campion. The hedgerows around St Ives are stunning at the moment.
    Have a great week,
    Leanne xx

  8. It's always wonderful to see all the wild flowers bursting into bloom isn't it. Like Sarah I think I would have to choose hawthorn and cow parsley. Hawthorn looks utterly gorgeous from a distance, en masse in a hedge, and then close up the petals look like crumpled silk. Exquisite. And the clouds of frothy cow parsley everywhere at the moment are so pretty. And I love all the other ones as well! CJ xx

  9. I think it has to be daisies in a lawn, perfect childhood memories :) xxx

  10. Such pretty flowers! I'm so glad you posted this because I have been trying to remember the name of Speedwell for weeks now! I've always known it, my grandmother taught me and I used to pick it and put it in egg cups on her windowsill but my memory fails me completely at times which is very frustrating. Thank you for sharing Xx

  11. Oh Be I have all of those flowers growing in or around our house.. and I had no idea! Soooo not green fingered her but the plan is to pick a few and make some lovely posies to brighten up the window sills! Cows parsley is my absolute favourite and we have it in abundance at the forest edge! Thanks you for sharing, have a super week my dear xxx Hazel x

  12. Beautiful photos, I love them all! I didn't know the pink ones were called Cuckoo flowers, they're so pretty. xx

  13. I love all wild flowers, but I especially love cow parsley in its frothy elegance, especially when lining both sides of the road, glorious :)

  14. One favourite ... impossible! Cow parsley and cowslips are close to the top of the list though.

    Lovely pics Bee :)

  15. Such a tricky question! Of course bluebells also ox eye daisies such happy little blooms!

  16. Your brooch featured in my Me Made May week 3 post. I keep it on the crochet scarf all the time. Jo x

  17. A lovely post - there are so many pretty ones to choose from, but I love yellow archangel (partly just because of the name!)

  18. All so beautiful captured in this post!
    Love, Mirjam.


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