Tuesday 11 June 2013

52 weeks of happy (35/52 and 36/52)

A double dose of 52 weeks of happy this week owing to the gorgeous sunny weather here and my need to spend every available second enjoying it.

As always linking up with the lovely Jen at little birdie.

A visitor to our garden.  A very curious pheasant who often wanders across our patio step although when I produce my camera he takes off at olympic speed.

My little fairy.  She is fascinated by insects, squealing with delight when she finds a ladybird or spider. Her love of nature is infectious.

A birthday gift from the little fairy, 'because you're lovely Mama'.

Fields of gold.  The meadow of buttercups over our hedge.  Apologies for the rather unfortunate view of the cow's rear.  It was so busy eating it didn't want to pose for my photo.

There were many more happies I could have chosen but these are a few I managed to get some pictures of.

Happiness is so easy to find in summer don't you think?

Wishing you all a very happy week.  The rain has returned here but hopefully not for long. 


  1. Love the pheasant photo it's lovely x

  2. Hello Bee
    YES to happiness being found more easily in Summer except we have been a wee bit chilly hear in the past couple of days/nights. I am sad to say that I felt the need to put the heating on for an hour while we all took our baths as the nip in the air was getting the better of us!
    I love your little girl's sweet drawing for you and her love of insects. Alice always remembers Lizzie the ladybird who visits us every year since she was 2 years old. Enjoy the delights of your next week xox Penny

  3. Lovely happies Bee, thanks for your message, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! My littlest is very into bugs too, it's great...so much nature to be enjoyed if we just take time to look! xx

  4. Perfect, esp. love the meadow filled with buttercups. Here's to more sunshine x

  5. Perfectly happy Bee! Just perfect x

  6. Such happiness! Thanks I'm smiling now! :)

  7. Great to see you're having sunny weather! Enjoy. x

  8. Love the drawing your little girl made for you! So sweet!!

  9. Truly lovely happies and your little fairy is just so precious. I seem to have missed your birthday whilst I was away, so happy belated! Hope you had a lovely day and I wish you many more, filled with blessings and good things, always.

  10. Great happies, especially the drawing from your wee girl.
    M x

  11. Love that shot of the buttercup field. It looks so rural where you live, you lucky thing. My two are so unafraid of all insects, which is brilliant, and so fascinated by them. It's a lovely thing to watch. x

  12. What a beautiful spot you live in. I didn't realise you lived in the country. And your little girl is super sweet :-) Mel x


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