Sunday 23 June 2013

52 weeks of happy (37/52)

Week 37 and as always linking up with lovely Jen for 52 weeks of happy.

School's out for summer here at the end of next week.  I think I am more excited than the little ones. Breaking from routine.  Thoughts of lazy summer days, fun and sunshine are making me very happy indeed. Nine long weeks, I can't wait.

Like Gillian in her lovely post I am so proud of our two boys.  They both received excellent school reports and are thriving academically for which I am really grateful.

But what pleased me most were the comments regarding their behaviour, their positivity and helpfulness and the eldest setting a great example for others by being well behaved.  So lovely to hear.

This little plant arrived home from school this week with my littlest son.  A surprise for me.  He chose Sweet William and sowed the seeds at school a few weeks ago.  It is ready now to be transplanted to the garden. I am looking forward to seeing it bloom.

Receiving this thoughtful little gift reminded me how simple gestures can create much happiness.

Linking up with Lou for nature in the home this week.  A gift.


  1. Gosh 9 weeks off - that sounds a lot,I think we get 6 this year! X

  2. I can't wait for the holidays, still 4 weeks to go! Gosh 9 weeks off, I bet that's hard for working parents to manage, is there good, affordable holiday care available? :) x

  3. Wow 9 weeks off! I'm amazed too! We only get 5 and I've already started planning them so as not to go mad with the 2 boys at home!!

  4. Lovely happies. I think they're great, those proud Mum moments. I revel in them too.

    Leanne x

  5. Oh what a lovely treat. Love sweet Williams the scent is wonderful x

  6. It was always pleasing to me to hear about Alice's social abilities and her behaviour when I got her report in Junior school. The only negative thing that ever came back is that she can be a chatter box, um a bit like her mama! Yes, we should be proud of our children, they live in such a pressured environment.
    Love your secret sweet Williams surprise, precious xox Have great week ahead x Penny

  7. Great happy moments and how lovely your children sound. Our schools finish up on Friday for 7 weeks off and I can't wait!
    M d

  8. Lucky you that you are so close to the holidays at least another 4 weeks or so here.
    Enjoy your little chaps and long may the good reports last. x

  9. What a sweet boy you have! How fab to have such a long holiday - good quality time to spend together.
    Enjoy the last week of school,

  10. I love gifts like this! My daughter grew a bean at school and it was like 18" when she brought it home! I was like O.O
    It was awesome!
    I love it!

  11. Well done to your boys for getting such glowing reports! :-)
    I'm a bit jealous - we have 3 weeks to go 'til we break up for the summer!

  12. Happy holidays Bee, nine weeks sounds like a super long break, wish we had that long here! And what a sweet little gift from your little man. x

  13. Ah, Bee, that's so lovely! I love it so much when they bring things they've made home from school, and plants are wonderful as they can watch them grow too. Well done to your boys, they are a credit to you. Nine weeks, wow! We still have 4 weeks to go until our summer hols start. I can't wait. xx

  14. Lovely happies - you are lucky to have two such wonderful boys and you deserve praise as being the mum that has instilled such positive values. Have a lovely summer break together x

  15. Lovely gift :) happy holidays xxx fingers crossed for some sun xxx


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