Sunday 1 September 2013

goodbye august

August was a beautiful month.  Warm with lots of sunshine.  There were rain showers but we were spared most of them during the day, the rain falling overnight.

The garden relished the rainwater and slightly humid air.  The lawn grew incessantly and everywhere is lush and green.

Flowers are becoming fruit and the colours are deeper and more vibrant.  There are some beautiful reds and purples.  Buddleia, fuchsias, clematis and honeysuckle, a pretty combination.  The garden is changing along with the air. There is a crispness to the shortening evenings.  Autumn is just around the corner.

Summer was amazing this year and we enjoyed all it had to offer.  Precious memories of a summer enjoyed outdoors, simple, easy and free will ease us through the winter.

So hello then, lovely September.

I love autumn.  I can't wait to walk through a carpet of fallen leaves.  What can't you wait to do?

Joining in with Karin and Asa. 


  1. Beautiful Bea - and yes I love kicking up the leaves too x Jane

  2. Lovely post, seems strange as its the second day for spring for us here in Australia x

  3. Count me in with walking through a carpet of beautiful orange and red crunchy leaves! I always love the day when I get to wear my first woolly scarf, I miss them,but don't get me wrong,I love love love the Summer too x Beautiful photo x Penny

  4. Beautiful picture
    I love autumn too but I'm not quite ready to let go of summer yet!

  5. September is so Special. Such a lovely photograph.
    Wishing you a spectacular Fall.

  6. Autumn is my favourite time too, the leaves on the creeper round my fence are just beginning to turn red which always confirms the change of season for me, I look forward most to finding shiny conkers and chestnuts in the woods, making elderberry cordial from the ripe purple berries and blackberry and apple pie from my frozen foraged stash, I hope you get a chance to find all these things too where you live. Betty

  7. What beautiful the colors and arrange,ent. Well summer has passed in a blink. Very, very busy times. :)

  8. Such a lovely post Bee. Summer most certainly has been wonderful and I'm feeling a spring iny step with September here xo

  9. Oh Autumn, chunky cardis and thick tights plus a big birthday coming up - what's not to love?! X

  10. I love this month's photo - what vibrant colours! :-)

  11. That is a beautiful montage Bee
    Best wishes

  12. What pretty berries you found! Every month I'm amazed how varied our collections are :)

  13. I must be getting old ... I don't want summer to end this year! I'm not ready for the smell of fallen leaves along the path, or the crisp air, or sharp blue skies. Maybe because it's still hot and humid here, it feels like this summer will be endless ... and fall has always been my favourite season! Wendy

  14. Very pretty! We really had a beautiful (and long) summer this year. Looking forward to the fall colours (but not the cold- and darkness).

  15. im glad you had a lovely summer!! those flowers are so pretty, its a great pic. I loved the UK when we were there last july/august....the flowers were so bright, I think they were my favourite thing about our whole trip!!

  16. I just love your garden moodboards. Always so pretty...
    M x

  17. Beautiful image, I'll be looking forward to snuggling down under one of my crochet blankets! :) x


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