Monday 30 September 2013

goodbye september

September has been lovely, the perfect start to autumn.  Bright days, sunshine and cloudless skies with occasional light rain.

It has been breezier.  Fresher winds herald colder times but our cold season will be shortened by every dry, mild autumn day.  I'm hoping they stay around for a while.

Our garden blooms have all but disappeared.  The leaves are beginning to turn and fall from the trees.  We will soon have a carpet of browns, oranges, rusts and reds.

Almost every shrub and tree in the garden are covered in jewel coloured berries. Deep purple elderberries, red hawthorn, bird cherries, honeysuckle and orange rosehips.

All sorts of fungi pop up overnight.  The most amazing colours and shapes.  I have no idea which are edible mushrooms so I regard them all with uncertainty. I won't be adding them to mealtimes any time soon.

I have lovely memories of collecting mushrooms in the fields on our farm with my granny years ago. Gathering them in a wicker basket and chatting as we went. Probably why I still have a fascination with all manner of fungi.  It's a shame that her knowledge is gone now.

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  1. I love your little collection for this moth! So pretty! :-)

  2. Love this picture. Autumn is a wonderful time of year x

  3. That's a lovely photo! I love autumn!

  4. Oh my goodness, has another month passed already? Yowsers!

    What glorious reds in your photo, and I'm very jealous of the elderberries right in your very own garden. I've been eyeing up clusters falling into the roadsides near me recently -- it's okay to pick them from someone else's tree if they're over the other side of the fence isn't it?! I've got elderberry cordial on the brain...

  5. Beautiful colours nod shapes x

  6. I love all the red, and the mushroom.

  7. Such a pretty mood board, I love the colours.
    Marianne x

  8. I love all the deep reds and oranges of the berries at the moment - apart from anything else it makes me what a nice larder the birds have! I love the mushrooms you have put in there - the only ones we have ever picked and eaten were those giant puffballs - delicious fried in garlic butter x Jane

  9. I love this moodboard, it just says "autumn" to me and the contrast of the reds and greens together is so striking. We also had a really dry September with lots of good weather and it makes such a difference. xx

  10. Those berries are so wonderful, almost glass like! And the fungi too, very autumnal.

  11. We don't get the lovely autumn colours in Australia

  12. lovely picture. september has been so beautiful. I hope october will turn out just the same

  13. I was sad to see September go this year. It is my favourite time of year!



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