Sunday 19 January 2014


January is a slow month. Mellow after the festive season. No real agendas. Not feeling like you should really be doing something. The long, dark days can seem endless but I quite enjoy the opportunity to cosy up and take it easy.

This weekend I spent Saturday at The Linen Green with a lovely friend.  We set off early in the midst of a dreary fog.  The fog was replaced by rain a little later. Not the most pleasant day but a lot of fun none the less. Browsing the last of the sales and enjoying a long chat over lunch.  Good for the soul.

And today was a lovely day.  We enjoyed a late breakfast, much Lego building, a walk in the woods and a roast chicken dinner. The little ones are now tucked up and I am happily ensconced on the sofa with my feet up, stove lit and content to spend the evening flitting between reading and watching television with Mr F.

Hygge. The Danish word which roughly translates into English as cosiness and perfectly describes my weekend.  Maybe hygge explains why the Danes are often described as the happiest people in the world.


  1. Definitely sounds like you have had a good for the soul weekend Bee, nothing better and so well described by the Danes x I hope your have just a good week ahead x

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend indeed - and the Danes have summed it up perfectly with that word. Everyone needs some hygge from time to time! x

  3. I've been reading a lot about hygge lately, so glad you are feeling it. It sounds like a pretty good weekend.

  4. You must be feeling if you are glad you had a lovely weekend! the sun has been shining here...makes such a difference to the soul...
    bestest as ever d x

  5. The wide sums it up beautifully! Glad you had a lovely hygge weekend, we enjoyed our Sunday very much indeed, nice to end the weekend on a high note! Chrissie x

  6. We also have a special word for that feeling of coziness, we call it "gezellig" !
    Wihing you a very happy and " gezellige" week, love from Mirjam.

  7. Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. They most certainly have summed it up perfectly! xoxo

  8. Sounds like the most perfect weekend! :) x

  9. Sounds like a really lovely weekend.
    Marianne x

  10. What a lovely cosy post. I feel as though I am just emerging from the fog and could do with some 'Hygge'!! M x

  11. I love the word Hygge, it sums up all that is good about winter. Your weekend sounds wonderful and you sound relaxed and happy. x


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