Saturday, 19 April 2014

simple pleasures

Some simple things making me happy lately.  Simple pleasures providing joy everyday.

::   Blossom.  Beautiful blossom everywhere.
::   Daisy chains. Making daisy jewellery for the little ones.
::   My constant companion.  Wandering in the garden, admiring the blooms. She adores their scent.
::   Spring salads and the changing seasons effect on the way we eat.

Are you enjoying the season?  What's your simple pleasure?


  1. Lovely. I've definitely been enjoying the blossoms and the bluebells! :)

  2. Beautiful details, so good to be enjoying those spring salads again! Happy Easter!

  3. When I see daisy chains they make me smile! thank you for making me smile on this rainy wet sunday morning (in Dorset) where has the blue sky gone?
    Happy easter Bee and family ....xxxx

  4. Gorgeous photos Bea. Have a wonderful Easter x Jane

  5. I love your photos! I haven't made a daisy chain in years - they remind me of playing on the school field in summer when I was little.
    Hope you're having a wonderful Easter with temperate weather and lots of relaxation.
    Sarah x

  6. The simple pleasures are the best. Playing outside with children, planting vegetables and salads and walking in the countryside. Bliss.

  7. Simple is good Bee. I have said the same on my blog post today! Lovely photos. Jo x

  8. The blue sky and the blossom is just the best. I keep reminding myself to just go and sit in the garden when the sun comes out! today is looking good, Heather x

  9. Oh yes, the blossom this year has been just incredible, hasn't it? Your images are lovely. I've relished this spring, it's been so rewarding after that awful wet winter, and I've been enjoying more seasonal salads and fresh fruit lately. x

  10. Wonderful photos and happy things Bee. Hope you've had a wonderful Easter! xx

  11. Loving your simple pleasures. I had my first smell of lilac yesterday, it was beautiful! I just loooove spring.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter! xx

  12. Truly lovely simple pleasures - especially those daisy chains, there's just something special about them. Thanks for sharing these. . . xx


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