Wednesday 11 June 2014

simple pleasures

A few of the simple pleasures making me smile recently.

: :    Bees. Buzzing from flower to flower, heralding summer. 
: :    Tiny apples. I'm looking forward to apple picking in the autumn.
: :    Pepper. A gentle and constant friend. We all love her.
: :    A fun family day out at Strangford Lough Maritime Festival.

After a weekend of torrential rain and thunderstorms, the skies have brightened and the sun is peeking through the clouds.  It seems the bees are right, summer might just be here.


  1. Pepper is gorgeous does he/she belong to you?
    So glad the sun has come is shining on us in Dorset too....
    bestest as ever
    Daisy xxx

    1. She is indeed Daisy ... we've had her for twelve years ... she was a birthday present from my lovely husband and she is just lovely ... hooray for the sunshine, long may it last ... Bee xxx

  2. Your dog is so beautiful! She has such gentle eyes. I'm glad you're having nice weather.

  3. Glad the sun's shining where you are! It's doing the same here too... Warm and lovely. Hope you have a great weekend, it's almost here!
    Sarah x

  4. aw, pepper is gorgeous, what a great name too! isn't it lovely to finally see signs of summer… we have tiny apples on our tree too x

  5. Glad the sunshine has come back out where you are, it really does feel like summer might be here now! I love that Bee photo and we have tiny apples in our garden too! xx

  6. Oh yes, the sun is out - can't stop sneezing! X

  7. Such lovely simple pleasures!! I like the photo of the shields all lined up against the wall, they look very pretty and not at all war like when they are stood there. xx

  8. You know, I think you're right. There's been a definite shift in temperatures this week - it almost feels warm! I've been sneezing non-stop too. I love your photo of the bee in the white flower - I took an almost identical photo of a bee in my dog rose yesterday. x

  9. Lovely photos, I don't sneeze when I look at these, unlike my reaction in my garden at the mo! Chrissie x

  10. Aren't they just the best! So many bees here too and there seem to be so many types! Enjoy the summer x

  11. Summer is here indeed, blissful isn't it? I love that last picture with the old tree and the weathered brick wall, wonderful. CJ xx

  12. What a sweet girl Pepper looks to be.

    We keep seeing tree bees here, which is still something of a novelty.

  13. I was just thinking about the first two on your list, as I was sat in the garden yesterday. Lovely photos x

  14. OMG OMG OMG I am soooo exited to see the words "Strangford Lough" in a blog post that I just stumbled on (from thistlebear) ..... I'm from Belfast, my folks are now in Bangor, my other rellies in Killinchy, and every year when we go over we stay in Portaferry. We seem to spend the entire time driving up and down one side of Strangford Lough or the other :) Its may favourite place in the world and I miss it hugely (live in England now).
    Definitely going to read more of your blog (and try not to get too homesick!)
    Jill at

  15. such a sweet photo of your dog - she has the gentlest wisest look in her eyes

  16. your furry friend is lovely!

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