Thursday 24 July 2014

simple pleasures

Some of the simple things making me smile recently. 

: :    Spanish hot chocolate. Chocolate heaven.
: :    Beautiful butterfly from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by our fairy.
: :    Baby succulents. From my jelly bean plant.
: :    Blue, blue skies. And not a cloud in sight.

I enjoy these posts. Taking a moment to slow down and appreciate the simple things. There really is pleasure to be found in the everyday. It's about taking the time to look around and see it.

What's your simple pleasure?


  1. Small, little, noticed unnoticed things, seemingly insignificant do bring such joy...such a surprise of incredible gift for sure....such an important thing to nurture and keep present in our hearts.
    Thank you for the reminder.

  2. There are many, all small: freshly-baked cake warm from the oven; the smell of the sea; a newly-sharpened pencil; line-dried bedding. Oh, and that cup of tea once Joe goes up for his afternoon nap. Feet up, big sigh and a chance to unwind.
    That Spanish chocolate must be pretty wonderful. As luck would have it I'm meeting a friend this afternoon at the very specialist Chocolate Cafe so guess what I'll be drinking...
    Have a lovely weekend Bee!
    S xx

  3. Oh that chocolate wrapper! I think I'd need to frame it!

  4. What lovely simple moments, the blue sky is especially lovely isn't it! xx

  5. How lovely. Lots of blue skies here too. And this morning I went to the allotment at 6.30 and picked the first little yellow courgettes. The plot is watered, I've had a shower, I'm cool and clean and a chore is crossed off of the list. Oh, and I wasn't the first person there either! CJ xx

  6. Absolutely spot on. Nothing quite like simple, daily things to make a person happy. I love a cup of tea and a good book; a hug from one of my kids. Wonderful.

  7. Lovely things.

    Only one simple pleasure I'm craving at the moment ... not to be so hot! 32C here today.

  8. A good idea to slow down I think - take time to stop and stare. Jo xxx

  9. We're off to Spain soon, now my mouth is watering for some of that chocolate...such a sweet, appreciative post - nothing beats artwork in bright colours from a child's hand! Chrissie x

  10. currently, afternoon naps! and that i've found a real good granola - we've been missing it - from a supermarket i don't often use.
    a beautiful butterfly indeed, love its little smile! x

  11. Simple pleasures but lovely ones.
    Marianne x

  12. Lovely pleasures. Blue sky has definitely been on my list this week :) x

  13. You had me at the chocolate! :)

  14. Clear skies have been a bit hit and miss this summer. I like your simple pleasures ... chocolate is always high on my list ;) Enjoy your week, and keep seeking out the little things that bring you happiness. Wendy x

  15. Wonderful simple pleasures. I love the hot chocolate wrapper and such a sweet butterfly. We've been reading the hungry caterpillar lots here as the boy was learning about them at nursery, he dressed up as a butterfly on his last day too!
    Happy August Bee, hope your having a great Summer. xx

  16. I agree, it's so important to note and celebrate the small things which make us happy. Blue skies are top of my list every time. And chocolate. x


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