Thursday 18 September 2014

precious things

I am really excited to have been asked by Sarah, a lovely blogging friend to collaborate on her new monthly series entitled Precious Things. Sarah has a beautiful blog called Mitenska, full of stunning photography and lovely writing.

So what's it all about? Precious Things is about celebrating little treasures. The things you'd want to save in the event of a fire (aside from living things of course). And recognising why they are so important to us.

What makes something precious? Precious things evoke memories of places and times past. Baby's first shoes, holiday mementos and old family photographs. All just as precious as gold or jewels.

The things I regard as precious are not necessarily valuable or expensive. They have stories attached. The stories of how they came to be mine and the memories they conjure up. They hold a special place in my heart.

For this month's precious thing, I have chosen a little silver snuff box featuring Eyebright one of Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies. After I admired it at a market stall in Covent Garden Market, my lovely man bought it for me as a surprise. It's a treasured souvenir of our last visit to London nearly ten years ago.

We both adore London but haven't visited since the Christmas after we married. Three little ones have hampered our freedom to travel. But this little trinket rekindles many happy memories. It makes me want to visit again. One day, we will.

Thanks so much Sarah. I've really enjoyed choosing one of my favourite things to share here.

You'll find the other Precious Things posts at the links below. Do pop over and take a look. I know you'll enjoy them.

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  1. What an adorable little box. I love London too. I lived there for four years in my twenties. It was a good time. I have been thinking lately that I'd love to visit it again. I haven't been back for two years.
    Leanne xx

  2. that's lovely Bee, a precious thing indeedy x

  3. It really is the little things isn't it, I will check out the links :) xxx

  4. Bee that is a beautiful memory attached to a simply gorgeous box.....a treasure indeed!
    bestest daisy j x

  5. What a lovely idea! The box is gorgeous. A (very thoughtful) friend of mine just bought me the complete Flower Fairies book, which I'd not read since I was a child. Still wonderful after all these years, and in fact even more interesting now as I actually know what a lot more of the plants are...

    PS, you must let me know if you do make it up to London!

  6. London is fantastic isn't it, so full of energy and inspiration. Your snuff box is lovely, how nice that it was bought for you. I'm looking forward to following this series. CJ xx

  7. It's so pretty and I can see why you love it, Bee. I've never been to London but it's probably the place I most want to visit in the world and hope to do before too long.

  8. Thank you for this, Bee - I'm really enjoying reading the posts in this little series :)

    That snuff box is so sweet. My magpie eye would have been drawn to it straight away! And so lovely of your husband to buy it as a surprise for you. I do love little tins and boxes...

    The whole idea of imagining the stories around these objects is so appealing to me. It's why I like vintage treasures so much (other than the fact that they're so much prettier than new things, and have character to them).

    I'm looking forward to reading about your other Precious Things.

    Sarah x

  9. Hi Bee, just catching up now I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting. I loved reading this post, it is lovely the memories that objects can hold and bring back to us isn't it. xx

  10. Lovely series! I'm looking forward to seeing more. x

  11. What a lovely, lovely thing - beautiful in it's own right, but full of memory and meaning for you. I am really enjoying this colaboration. x

  12. What a dear little box with wonderful memories hidden inside. M x

  13. I really love your little box...I remember being absolutely obsessed with flower fairies! I'm hoping 'the Rs' will be too. Wonderful memories and precious things.

  14. What a lovely little box with lots of great memories attached.

  15. What a darling little box. I can totally see why it's precious to you.


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