Sunday 26 October 2014


Spinning, spinning, forever spinning. He can't get enough of these spinning cups. This one was especially fast and he loved it. Begging to be spun faster and faster and then shouting for help to stop. Then just as it slowed down, he wanted more and more. 

This little one is my daredevil. Strong willed and fearless. He had the best fun today. 


  1. Wonderful. I've got a picture of my middle boy in one of those, his head thrown back, laughing, he loves them too. Have you ever had a go though? My goodness, they're not designed for grown-ups! CJ xx

  2. The pictures are great, kids love them things!

  3. Brilliant! I remember LOVING spinning when I was a little girl. :-)

  4. My youngest (not yet 2!) has no fear for anything like that. It makes me dizzy just watching her!!

  5. I'm impressed because those things make me feel sick! He looks like he's having a ball.

  6. Such fun! It makes me laugh how they pick up speed in those things, quickly going from finding it funny to needing help! I just went on some swings the other day and felt quite giddy! xx

  7. What darling pics, I just love the look of delight on his face!

  8. What wonderful photos, he looks as though he's having the best time. There is joy written all over his face. x

  9. Another one here who feels sick just at the thought of those! Your son looks like he is totally loving it though :)

  10. That looks like so much fun! I have to admit though that I get quite queasy on spinny things in the playground. I didn't used to - it's something that has happened as I've aged :-D x


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