Monday 20 October 2014

precious things #2

Crinoline ladies aren't normally to my taste. They're just a little too twee. However I make exception for this little lady. She is very special to me. 

She belonged to my great aunt Rose Ann, my grandfather's sister. She was displayed on the mantel piece in the living room of Rose Ann's cottage. Each time we visited she was taken down and I was allowed to play with her. 

She brings back so many happy memories of the house and the lovely times I spent there. My grandparents, father and I visited two or three times a year. Rose Ann was full of Irish hospitality and we were always given a warm welcome.

Her home was amazing. There were beautiful flagstone floors and a traditional open fireplace with a crook for hanging the blackened pots and kettles. A painted dresser displaying sponge ware crockery. A wooden table covered with a pretty tablecloth. And always a vase of flowers.

The exterior was whitewashed with lime and the doors and windows painted red. The roof was thatched. A typical old Irish cottage.

Rose Ann passed way in 1991 aged ninety. My grandfather kept the little lady and gave it to me. Twenty three years ago. He knew I'd love her. A really precious thing.

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  1. It's nice to have special reminders of people we loved. What a sweet little china lady. You must have taken great care of her when you played with her as a child. Your great aunt's cottage sounds beautiful and quite romantic. I'm going to visit your links now :) Wendy x

  2. You've painted such a wonderful picture of your great aunt's home. I can imagine your lady sat on the mantel in all her finery! I am also feeling terribly guilty, because me and my sister have always joked that we hope neither gets our Mum's ladies when she pops off. I may have to ring Jane tomorrow and tell her I changed my mind. Super post, Bee!
    Leanne xx

  3. I can just imagine your aunt's home. I loved visiting relatives' homes when I was little, especially if they were okay with little girls exploring all their interesting treasures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What wonderful memories you have, thank you for sharing them with us. Like you, figurines like this are not to my personal taste for the most part, but I would love this figure too because of the memories, also she is very unusual and pretty, so that makes her nice too! xx

  5. It would mean a lot to her that you treasure something that she did, I have my grandmothers Hummel figurines. xx

  6. What a beautiful memory. The best treasures are those which conjure up a happy time and place. CJ xx

  7. I rather like her! So glad you were given this little memory keeper ...
    M x

  8. What a beautiful story Bee... No wonder it's so precious to you.
    So special those happy memories! Love from Mirjam.

  9. That cottage sounds lovely! And the little crinoline lady is sweet - sometimes it's nice to have things you wouldn't necessarily have chosen or bought for yourself. It's what makes our possessions and homes 'ours'. They tell a story.
    S x
    PS I loved the photo in your last post :)

  10. Oh goodness!! Your post made me cry......I was surprised myself! Thank you for the reminder of love.

  11. What a precious post of a a happy memory. I have a sewing box from my gran that I love. Jo x

  12. Wonderful :) Like you, and others, these figurines aren't really my thing, but my Nana had a Royal Doulton Lady which my Mum has now, and she is keeping it for me. Mrs Royal Doulton won't go with anything but I love her for the memories :)

  13. Oh, Bee, I just love the way you described your Great Aunt's cottage! It sounds like something from another era. x

  14. She's clearly a keeper of happy memories :)

  15. I just love great memories like that and to have something so precious that brings all those special memories it's just so very special. I just love it. Thanks for sharing such special memory.


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