Wednesday, 24 December 2014

merry christmas

Just popping in to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tonight, we're cosied up by the fire. The hay and carrots have been left out in the garden for the reindeer. The little ones will be off to bed soon. They are so excited. We will be enjoying a simple supper and a few glasses of wine. I quite fancy a Baileys coffee. 

Tomorrow will undoubtedly begin with a very early start and a lot of excitement. We are spending the day at home. Just the five of us. Christmas Day at our own pace. My favourite way. On Boxing Day, we will visit my family for another festive feast. 

After that I'm planning downtime with my little family. Doing the things we enjoy. The best times.

Thanks so much for your friendship and kind words this past year. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, however you choose to spend it. See you on the other side. 


  1. Happy Christmas my friend, Love from Jo x

  2. Wishing you a very happy Christmas too Bee. CJ xx

  3. Merry Christmas, lovely - enjoy and may the new year ahead be filled with blessings. Xx

  4. Merry Christmas! Have a lovely time.
    Sarah xx

  5. hope you are having a lovely christmas time! hugs xx

  6. My comment didn't show up - so I'm writing it again
    (saying this in case you receive two almost identical comments from me!)
    I hope you had a lovely, lovely day Bee and that 2015 has lots of good things in store for you and your family. I love your nativity. It's beautiful. Love, Kylie x
    (hope this one works!)

  7. Baileys, I forgot about Baileys! I wonder if I have any? Hope you have had a lovely christmas and wishing you good things for 2015! X

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to more posts in 2015 xx


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