Friday 24 April 2015


Today our eldest turned nine. Although I'm not sure how this could possibly have happened. Time just seems to pass so quickly.

He is just lovely. Growing up and becoming confident. Articulate in expessing his opinions and feelings. I really enjoy our chats. He is full of wise words. 'A rock of sense', my granny would say.

Kind, thoughtful and always concerned if someone is upset. I really love the big boy he has become. 

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate my firstborn, our lovely boy. 

Happy birthday, little man.


  1. Happy Birthday to your son, he sounds like a great boy! xx

  2. Happy birthday! My Tall Girl was nine last month and is getting very independent. I like seeing her stretch her wings. xx

  3. Happy birthday to your eldest. I have a nine too, it's a happy age. So much fun to be had. Hope he had a lovely day. CJ xx

  4. Hey Bee,
    Happy birthday to your little chap. I love little boys. They are so quirky and full of fun. And I love your Granny's saying too! Oh and I chuckled at the comment above mine. I've no idea why!
    Leanne xx

  5. Happy birthday wee guy, they are so inquisitive and fun at that age, it feels like forever since mine were that age .... well I guess at 21, 18 and 13 it is! Cherish and enjoy x

  6. "A rock of sense" - I like that. I hope your eldest enjoyed a lovely day. Bella will be 9 next birthday, in December. I can't believe it. Where is the time going?? xx

  7. Hi Bee, sorry this is a bit late. I hope you all had a lovely time. And yes, time does seem to fly. We must try and savour each moment as best we can!


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