Sunday 5 April 2015


Today we celebrated our littlest turning five. She has been so excited for weeks. She couldn't quite believe the Easter Bunny would be delivering eggs on her birthday. 

We've had a really lovely day. Presents and chocolate eggs as the sun shone this morning. Then out for Sunday lunch with my parents. The birthday girl was the centre of attention all day. And she loved being spoilt.

Our precious little one. Growing up to be a beautiful little girl whom we simply adore. Full of fun, giggles, kindness and love. A smile so infectious, you bring so much happiness. We all love you so very, very much.

On Saturday next, we will have a small birthday party. With chocolate mousse cake and crispie buns. And fun and games with your brothers and cousins.

Hope you've all had a lovely Easter weekend however you chose to celebrate.

The photo is from our holiday last year in Wales.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day, a very happy birthday to your littlest one. Five is a most excellent age, absolutely everything is a fun adventure. Enjoy the rest of the Easter break. CJ xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one. Five is a special age I find. Enjoy the rest of your Easter break. x

  3. Aww, how special for her and how sweet to be a 'big' girl of five, such a milestone.

  4. Such an added bonus to have your birthday at a special holiday! Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl :) I'll bet she's still buzzing with the fun she had with her family!

  5. Hey Bee,
    Five is the best age. Olly is loving it! Happy birthday to your not so little girl.
    Leanne xx

  6. Birthday and bunnies and eggs, what a great combination! Happy Birthday to your daughter! xx

  7. Easter on her birthday? DOUBLE JOY! How magical for her. I hope she had a wonderful day. Chocolate mousse cake you say? Lucky lass

  8. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. It sounds like she a perfect day.

  9. Awwww, lovely and happy birthday. My eldest is 21 today which is rather scary! It seemsno time since he was 5 or indeed I was 21 myself. Time goes far to fast. Have a lovely birthday party :)

  10. What a lovely tribute to your daughter. She sounds a love.

  11. Aw chocolate eggs and presents, how exciting for her. I hope she had a wonderful day! xx

  12. Happy birthday! How exciting to celebrate it on Easter Sunday. I'm an April baby too so I've had my birthday on Easter Sunday a few times too. So much fun when you're small :-) x

  13. Belated Happy Birthday to you little Miss Bee! Chocolate, sun and spoils! Sounds like the best day! Hazel x


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