Monday, 30 November 2015

goodbye november

Goodbye November, as you disappear for another year. You've been fun. Bringing many days to enjoy the beauty of autumn. Hours spent outside kicking through the fallen leaves, exploring, playing and making music in the woods.

For every calm day, there was a stormy one to balance it. Days for curling up by the fire, building dens, baking, and crafting the day away.

A month to savour. The calm before the storm. December arrives tomorrow. And with it, the excitement of Christmas. I'm looking forward to some festive fun. How about you?


  1. Happy December Bee. I'm looking forward to it too, though I don't feel at all organised yet! xx

  2. Lovely photos. November always seems special, with time to relax a bit and enjoy the changing season before the December rush.

  3. I just spotted the gardeners cottage at Florencecourt House and Gardens, it's a lovely place to visit. I'm off work now until the 4th January so looking forward to Christmas :) Hope you all have fun with the preparations

    All things nice...

  4. Always great to pop in and read your musing Bee. Love Jo x

  5. I hope that your December will be a great one too! xx

  6. Your photos are wonderful; it looks as though your little ones are having such fun. I dream of getting outdoors. Such a lovely October and now it's just rain and gales... At least the tree's twinkling away and we're warm (and very well fed!)
    S x


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