Wednesday, 29 May 2013

52 weeks of happy (34/52)

Hold on to your seats for a whirlwind 52 weeks of happy today. The sun is beaming and I am not missing one single second of it. I am determined to stock up on all the vitamin d I can.

So my four simple happy things for this week. Almost cloudless skies, although I do love a wispy cotton wool cloud.

Hedgerows full of cow parsley, blossom on the apple tree and sunshine. Bright, shiny, happy sunshine. I'm off out to soak it up.

Wishing you all sunshine and cloudless skies. 


  1. You are so lucky to be having sunshine today. Your photos are sending warm vibes to me. I have just been out in the garden, bare footed, and splashed in all the puddles! Out of protest you understand! Have a wonderful week. Chel x

  2. Lovely photos that make up for all the rain yesterday!

  3. Your words and photos are just oozing happiness . Enjoy! Mel x

  4. Hooray, enjoy your sunshine! I've just had to bolt outside to save my washing from a sudden down pour :-) x

  5. Love those clouds - mine are all joined up and displaying a very angry grey colour at the moment :( Jane x

  6. Lovely photos, that sky is beautiful.

  7. Hooray for sun! What a fab bumper selection of happies Bee. I'm so glad you're getting some good weather. That sky shot - glorious! x

  8. Get a deck chair out for me, I'm coming over to join you! Looks fab there! :) x

  9. Yay for sunshine and love your pictures! We've had nothing but rain here for the last couple of days. xx

  10. oh so lovely! I was in England last july/august and it was just glorious! what a beautiful time of year this is (spring/summer) in your part of the world! enjoy catching that sun! xx

  11. I'm so glad that you too had a bit of sunshine over there!
    Much nicer like that , isn't it ;-)?
    Love from Mirjam.


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