Friday 31 May 2013

goodbye may

May was a slow starter with cold breezy gusts and plentiful rain, but thankfully the weather improved towards the end of the month. We were treated to a few days of actual, bona fide sunshine and what a difference the warmth made to the garden.

I could almost hear the plants breathe a sigh of relief as their buds became blossoms. I have managed to find purple, yellow, red, lilac, pink and white blooms. Almost a rainbow.

I couldn't resist including a dandelion clock. They are so beautiful.

I'm hoping the sun will continue to shine in June and that the garden will produce some more beauties. If the beautiful red sky we have tonight is anything to go by, maybe I might just get my wish.

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  1. Your mood board is so lovely and yes, a sigh of relief that the buds are now blossoms! I love the bleeding hearts, mine didn't survive and I really miss these. Here's to a great June!! Chel x

  2. Gorgeous colours! I love the purple globed garlic chives - I was very happy when mine started to flower. What's the pink flower on the far right?x and yes, fingers crossed for a warm june, come on sun!

    1. Hi Helen ... the flower on the right is called Tufted Vetch and is a wild pea ... it grows in the hedges here ... our garden borders meadows on three sides so we get a lot of wildflowers in the garden too ... it has lovely little tendrils and fuzzy texture where the pea pods form ... Bee xx

  3. Beautiful moodboard. I think it's so interesting when I see dandelions referred to as "clocks"; I've never heard anyone say that in the US.

  4. Always love your mood boards.x

  5. Your moodboard looks really like summer! It's such a nice way to look at the flowers .....
    Have a great weekend, love from Mirjam.

  6. I think the flowers are even more welcome than ever this year (the weatherman has just declared it's been the coldest Spring for fifty years - no surprise there!) Lovely to see the colours coming through. Fancy your garden being bordered by meadows - it sounds wonderful x Jane

  7. Hi Bee, my two have been mad for the dandelion clocks! I worry about how they spread them when they blow them though! I try not to be a killjoy!! These are beautiful pictures, Jo xx

  8. That is such a sweet, beautiful photo, Bee! May June bring on the sunshine! :-) I know my tomato plants need it.


  9. They look so pretty, I love these flower boards you create! :) x

  10. Your display is beautiful - you should make a print of it to keep for ever x

  11. Thank you for the soda bread recipe it was delicious.

  12. Gorgeous! I love the bleeding hearts as well. I think I need to plant some for next year. I am feeling extremely envious of you now after reading "our garden borders meadow on three sides" -- what heaven! Mine borders six million other gardens and the only plants I get creeping in are endless drifts of bindweed and meadow grass from the rather derelict garden on one side, ha ha.


  13. I think it's warming up! X

  14. There is so much colour in your moodboard, it's gorgeous. I know what you mean - suddenly, after a lot of rain and a little bit of sun, the garden goes crazy! Have a great week lovely, hope the sun stays out. xx

  15. Lovely mood board Bee. I seem to have fallen by the way side with mine, there just aren't enough hours in the day!

  16. Goodbye May...Hello June!

    Such a lovely mood board,

    Nina x


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