Thursday 30 May 2013

pin it forward uk

A little while ago I was invited by pinterest to take part in the #PinItForwardUK campaign. 300 bloggers in the UK would be introducing pinterest to the UK and spreading the word.

I feel inclined to start with a warning. I think it's only fair. pinterest is utterly addictive. I have been a dedicated pinner for a long time now and I love it. It provides me with hours of fun and is the perfect place to store and manage all the things found online which inspire or simply amuse.

I realise I am probably preaching to the converted but for those who haven't joined the party, I will share why I love pinning.

pinterest is a virtual pinboard which makes it really easy to keep track of inspirational links found through the internet. Simply pin an image to one of your pinboards. Gone are the days of frantically searching for that illusive tutorial, perfect fabric, gorgeous home, delicious recipe or dream holiday destination.

You can easily organise your pins using individual boards.  I pin recipes to my Food Glorious Food board, beautiful homes to my Home Inspiration board and tutorials to my favourite board Crafty.  It is really great to have easy access to ideas when I want to make something.

pinterest also allows you to find and follow other lovely pinners. Another great source of new inspiration. If you are interested in joining you can register with pinterest here.

I am pleased to introduce Annaboo's House who will be sharing her pinterest experience tomorrow. Pop over and visit.

Happy pinning.


  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Bee! You have found amazing craft inspirations on Pinterest. I love the tutorial on how to make the bead bracelets- what a fun idea! I'll have to try this with my friends soon! Lauren, Community Coordinator

  2. Well done for being selected, that's really great. I have only been on Pinterest once or twice and don't have an account or anything but you have inspired me I think! Off to have a little look at your boards...
    M x

  3. Congratulations on being part of #Pin in Forward x

  4. Hello Bee, I'm slowly getting back to pinning. I did originally, but then there was all the controversy about image rights etc which quite frankly scared me. Anyway, I think I'm back to it, just need to time to pin! xxx Well done for being chosen for Pin it forward xox Penny

  5. I love pinterest, just setting one up for Vintique Tree but I have been using it a while for wedding ideas! I agree complete addictive x

  6. Lovely! I didn't realise how many of my blogging friends were also on pinterest too. And yes, it's addictive. x

  7. I'm addicted to Pintrest too! I get so many really good ideas there! great site. I love Annaboos house too, (for crochet ideas)!must pop over there now and pay a visit!

  8. I am also addicted to Pinterest...hours and hours!! My daughter asked about it and I said that it would be addictive and she laughed because she thought it was only about my interests, then she found hundreds of boards on a band she was following...yes, she is now on Pinterest! Chel x

  9. I'm a Pinterest addict and have been for yonks! I actually have to limit the time I spend on there or I'd never actually do anything, I'd just pin stuff about all the things I'd like to be doing instead! But it's a great source of reference, information and inspiration. I particularly love looking for recipes, finding dressmaking inspiration and looking at beautiful interiors photos - oh, and finding great ideas for the garden too!


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