Monday 17 March 2014

beach combing

St Patrick's Day, our way. A trip to the beach with a picnic. Many happy hours spent running on the beach, an endless playground. Our eldest, his daddy's shadow. Everywhere his father goes, E is sure to follow.  

Kicking and splashing through low tide. Exploring rock pools, investigating under the carpet of seaweed discovering countless cockles, mussels, sea snails and barnacle covered rocks.  

Eventually grey clouds rolled in and with them, rain so we raced back to the car and devoured our picnic. We drove on to Killybegs, Ireland's largest fishing port. The boys loved seeing the huge fishing trawlers up close. We watched the local St Patrick's Day parade before heading for home.  

The little ones are all tucked up fast asleep and I'm exhausted. Must be all the lovely sea air.


  1. Bee your photos convey your joyful day...they are lovely, as is that wonderful 'sea air tiredness' at the end of the day.
    I love that feeling! bet your cheeks were rosy....?
    D xx

  2. I love those kind of beaches, there always so much to explore!
    All those tiny little worlds at your feet....
    Lovely seaside pictures... Love from Mirjam.

  3. Your photos drew me in, I felt like I had had a windy walk too. Did you get your brooch safely? Jo x

  4. How lovely - I envy your St Patrick's Day Bank Holiday. Many years ago I had a holiday in Killybegs staying in a caravan. Fabulous beaches

  5. Oh these a just beautiful! A perfect way to spend St Patrick's day. You must think we are very strange celebrating St Patrick's day - it's not a public holiday but the pubs are full of celebrations, a testament to the strong Irish influence down here :-) Mel x

  6. Wonderful photos Bee, that looks like a great beach for exploring! xx

  7. Beautiful photos of what looked to be a very special day! xoxo

  8. Beautiful photos, I love a bit of beach combing :)

  9. Beautiful and fascinating beach finds! You've made fun memories! Chrissie x

  10. I do wish we lived closer to the coast, it's so nice to take a stroll on a beach out of season and just explore! x

  11. Great photos, Bee. You've made me miss the sea, there is nothing like a day on the coast. And how cute is your girl in her red get-up? Gorgeous. x


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