Friday 7 March 2014

the years in books: march

Oh how I love #theyearinbooks. Laura's project has motivated me to get on with reading again. The pleasure gained from allowing myself to become lost in a book is a delight. 

For my February read I had chosen Someone at a Distance by Dorothy Whipple. I wasn't disappointed. Persephone books are beautiful. And I loved this title. I hadn't read any other books by Dorothy Whipple so had no preconceptions about the story or writing style.

Dorothy Whipple is a very accomplished author. Someone at a Distance is an exceptionally well written tale of the disintegration of a family in the 1950s. The characters are well drawn and I found myself becoming rather attached to them. The author uses sharp observations of men and women of the time and while the novel begins slowly, it quickly becomes so gripping I found it difficult to put down. 

Someone at a Distance is a beautifully written and absorbing novel about adultery, love and sacrifice and how hope shines through in the end. I look forward to reading more books by this wonderful author.

I also started a second book, The Night Rainbow in February which I will finish very soon. I have chosen The Book Thief for my March read. It seems to be everywhere at the moment with the recent release of the film version. I hope its a good one.

As an aside, I'm not sure I am providing you with very useful reviews. I am conscious of not giving away too much of the story, so maybe I am not supplying enough information. This is a result of personal preference. I really dislike knowing too much about a book before beginning reading and so apologies if I seem to be holding back on the details.

Joining in with Laura.


  1. Sounds like a perfect read Bee, I also don't like giving too much away on my blog about the books I am reading, just a little hint of what to expect. I read the Book Thief years ago and really enjoyed it, hope you do too x Happy weekend x

  2. I'm loving the book challenge too Bee. Reading is never a chore but the very best bit about being involved is reading the reviews written by bloggers that I follow as it feels like I'm hearing a friend's review. It feels like the best bits of a book group without the hassle.

    I know some people don't like to hear much about a book's plot but I'm less bothered by reading an odd spoiler as few books contain any real surprises or twists so I'm in the more rather than less info camp.

  3. Hi Bee! I'm enjoying the reading link-up too. It's got me putting a bit more thought into my book choices (as well as making time to read them!)

    I'm like you in terms of reviewing books - I don't want to get into deep literary criticism but hopefully my enthusiasm for those I enjoy comes across. And this post is useful to me, as I'm planning on treating myself to a title from Persephone at some point and wanted to know which would be a good one to go for.

    Happy reading - and have a great weekend!

    Sarah x

  4. It is good to know if you liked a book or not, even if you don't feel able to tell more than that, so don't worry about your reviews! xx

  5. I adored The Book Thief, it really was fantastic.
    Marianne x

  6. Yes, I'm really enjoying the link-up too as it's making me get back to reading. As Red Setter says it's the fun of a book group without the hassle and without someone telling you what to read.
    There are so many good suggestions here that I'm meaning to get a notebook to write down the books I'd like to read so that I don't forget them. I'm also wary about giving too much of the plot away and usually wait until I've finished a book to google the reviews!

  7. The book thief is on my March reading list too, I saw the movie trailer and thought I might start by reading the book! Happy reading and happy Sunday! X

  8. I've just written my Year in Books post for this month too, and I agree, it's hard to know how much to give away, and what might most interest people about a book. But do our reviews really need to be more than the recommendation of a virtual friend?

    I've never read The Book Thief so I'll be really interested to read how you got on with it next month :)

  9. I've read The Book Thief - it's good! X

  10. The Book Thief is great, read it before you see the film (I haven't seen the film yet) - but it took me a little while to settle into it, I found the writing style a bit show-offy at first if that makes any sense. Stick with it, it is rewarding. Thank you for your reviews - I think the way you write about the books is perfect. I can read a synopsis on the back cover or Amazon, and honestly, the best books are the ones that a friend just says "I read this and loved it" - that's pretty much all I need to know it's worthwhile! :-) Chrissie x

  11. The Book Thief is my book group read for March. My copy is sitting on my bookshelf. Very much looking forward to it.

    Leanne xx

  12. Such a great idea! I really must pick up and immerse myself in my copy of 'The Book Thief' - because I know I will find it very emotional I am trying to find the right moment...I must get back into writing book reviews, thank you for the inspiration!

  13. Your book reviews are great - no need to apologise. Someone at a Distance sounds great! Definitely one to bookmark. x

  14. You have tickled my interest enough to add Someone at a Distance to my reading list. Your love for the book shines through, which is all important, more so than a comprehensive review. I am also reading a book about a family in the Fifties or at least that's where I am in the book now. It is called Finding Peggy by Meg Henderson. It is very much autobiographical and I am not sure if I enjoy it so much at the moment. I might just distract myself with ordering some new books.... Cx

  15. Thank you for this review, Bee - it's all a review should be; interesting and detailed, but no plot giveaways. I really like the sound of this book, and I'm always happy to buy from Persephone - they have such lovely attention to detail with their end papers and book marks. I know it's about the content of a book, not the jacket, but it's so lovely when a book looks and feels nice too. x

  16. Hoorah! So glad that you are enjoying the project! I love Dorothy Whipple novels, too. xx


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