Sunday 17 August 2014

simple pleasures

Simple pleasures which made me happy recently.

: :    All the blues. Skies, sheets and pegs.
: :    Bees and butterflies on the oregano. 
: :    The scent of thyme flowers. 

A record of these simple happy things. So reminiscent of summer as the seasons begin to change again. The weather here is blustery at best and has been properly cold some days. 

Autumn is my favourite season. But shouldn't we have just a little more summer? What do you think? Are you looking forward to the change of season?


  1. It's definitely feeling autumnal here in north Wales. Like you I'm an autumnophile - is that a word? - but I'm sure summer usually runs until the kids head back to school in early September. Instead we already have ripe apples and blackberries.

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Bee. I really love the bee and butterfly especially. I love these happy things and I agree, it does feel just slightly autumnal where I am too.

  3. Oh more summer please, I'm not ready for the seasons to move on yet. The butterfly photo is wonderful, so clear. I'd never noticed the blue frill along the edge of the wings before. I hope you have a good week Bee. CJ xx

  4. Your photos are so lovely, I agree that the simple pleasures in life are what matter... I love the photo of the bee... especially since there are so many places where bees are dying out, the more of them the better!
    Much love to you and I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I love autumn, it's my favourite season by far, but I do feel like I need just a week or so more of summer to really make the most of it. I was working so much when the weather was lovely that I feel like I've missed out a bit!

  6. Hey Bee,
    Simple pleasures are the best kind. And I adore the pattern of that fabric blowing up on the line!
    Leanne xx

  7. That butterfly photo is simply magnificent! xxx

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures, really evocative of summers in the garden

  9. The butterfly picture is out of this world, so vibrant and beautiful. Jo x

  10. Such stunning pics, Bee - the top one especially is just lovely. And yes, I do think we should have a wee bit more summer still... I'm not ready for it to cool down in to autumn yet!

  11. I am holding on to summer for as long as I can!! xx

  12. such a summer feeling in that first picture! and the little winged friends seem to love to pose as a model for you, beautiful shots! it's raining here like it was compulsory. i guess the tin roof (which is common here, i guess because of the half year long snow seasons...) makes it a bit more atmospheric, but to be honest i'd have liked to listen to this rainy roof sound a bit later on, not just yet...i've also started to put together a summer memories post, i feel the season is definitely turning. i love autumn, i love wearing cardigans and scarves and ankle boots and even wellies :) i have a feeling this autumn will be a blur though, although probably quite special :) xx

  13. Beautiful summer shots here. I think we have been incredibly lucky with the summer this year especially with last year's wash out. However, I think mother nature has decided she needs a rest and autumn appears to be here a little early, and the leaves on the trees are now changing colour along with the flowers hanging their tired heads. The heating is now on (I have tried to resist) so it is time to start looking for acorns and conkers once more. Happy times!

  14. I love autumn, but think it's come round far to early this year. I'd have liked a few more weeks of summer! Beautiful close ups Bee, especially of the butterfly. Stunning.

  15. Wow, Bee! What great photos! I love the composition of the sheet/sky one. :-)
    Happy autumn to you!!!

  16. I love autumn but it means the start of a busy school term and then I always wish for a few more weeks of summer! It does mean beery pickings in season and for me.. blackberries make it worth while! Hazel x


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