Sunday 31 August 2014

the year in books: august

By the skin of my teeth. My year in books August post. Last month I read That Summer at Hill Farm by Miranda France. It is a well written first novel set on a farm in the English countryside.

The main plot centres around Hill Farm and Hayes, the farmer, his wife Isobel and their three children. The village inhabitants, who are a little stereotyped, play a role in the drama which unfolds in this idyllic rural setting.  The author has a natural writing style which I really enjoyed. She eloquently describes life in the countryside. Both the good and bad.

The novel does drift occasionally though and comes to an unresolved end which left me feeling slightly shortchanged. Despite this, That Summer at Hill Farm is worth reading. I'd definitely read future novels by Miranda France.

For the year in books in September I've chosen Perfect by Rachel Joyce. I'm hoping it lives up to its recommendation from The Times. 'You will end up recommending this wild, searching book to everyone you know.' I'll let you know next month if I reckon a recommendation is deserved.

Joining in as always with Laura.


  1. Glad that you enjoyed August's and I hope that Septembers will be good too! xx

  2. Well we wait with baited breath at Septembers choice. Jo x

  3. Oh I have Perfect, but as you may expect, it's still on the tbr pile! Let me know what you think! x

  4. High expectations for September ;-)! Wishing you lots of reading pleasure sweet Bee...
    Love from Mirjam.

  5. I haven't read either one but they both sound interesting. Happy reading to you, Bee. :)

  6. I spotted 'Perfect' recently, but can't remember if it was whilst browsing Amazon or being dragged around the library. It'll be interesting to hear what you think - it's the best way of finding out whether a book's worth a go.
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Sarah x


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