Sunday 17 January 2016

simple pleasures

Just a few of the simple things making me smile lately. 

: :     Bright blue skies and birds singing.
: :     Her joie de vivre. Her feet never seem to touch the ground.
: :     Top knot. The current style of choice. So perfectly pretty.

Joy can be found everyday if we just take a moment to look around and find it. I know January can be a struggle sometimes, but just appreciating fleeting moments and simple pleasures might help shorten this long winter month.

So what's making you smile lately? I'd love to know.


  1. Love that hair, how stylish. Happy? I am finding a good balance between work, home, family and money so I am being really grateful and happy for that right now. Jo x

  2. Perfect simple pleasures indeed! January is my dread every year, I'm glad to see some sunshine through the curtains today! Katie X

  3. I wish I could wear my hair in a top knot...
    Leanne xx

  4. Little daffodils from the supermarket. A little ray of spring 😊

  5. Lovely simple pleasures!! Blue skies are always wonderful aren't they. xx

  6. My middle one was at a gymnastics competition today and was also sporting a top-knot :) So pretty :)

  7. Love the top knot. Wish I can do it to my hair - very nice but also practical. I love blue skies and crochet in the evening while watching tv is bringing me lots of pleasure lately. X

  8. I'm finally catching up with all my favourite bloggers and what a perfect post to land on. It is a grimly grey day here but finding joy in simple things is the perfect precription for lifting the attendant glums :)

  9. That's a lovely topknot!
    I'm doing a blog catchup too - and several people are trying to enjoy January by valuing the little things every day which make them smile. I'm resolving to do the same.
    So despite a trek to the out-of-hours doctor today, and having to start a course of antibiotics, I'm happy that we're eating carrot and courgette fritters for tea. And that I'm having a bit of rest upstairs in a warm bed whilst typing this.
    Have a lovely week x

  10. My girls (especially the elder one!) would like to have their hair in a top knot but won't sit still long enough for me to do it!! Have a great week.

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