Sunday 14 February 2016

late winter days

This morning we were awakened by sunshine streaming through our bedroom windows. An unusual occurrence this wet, grey and stormy winter. An opportunity to get outdoors. One we didn't want to miss. So we took off exploring, searching for signs of spring. We were perhaps a little eager, as this far north it seems everything is a little slow in stirring from the long sleep of winter.

But, we happily found signs that spring may well be on its way and that these precious late winter days deserve to be savoured too. It was cold and bright, and the sun shone warm on occasion. We listened to birdsong and marvelled at the tiny wonders of nature. Beautiful blue skies and wispy clouds were a pretty backdrop to the bare branches just beginning to bud. And we discovered a carpet of snowdrops in full bloom. 

Tomorrow we're hoping to go adventuring again. This time to the coast. Fingers crossed we wake up to sunshine streaming through the windows again.


  1. We had fabulous sunshine yesterday and again today. Cold but sunny, that is a kind of February I can deal with. Jo x

  2. Hey Bee,
    We've woken up to sunshine here too. I've just put some washing on the line. I'm nothing if not hopeful ;)) I love the picture of your little girl.
    Leanne xx

  3. Oh Bee, how big your babes have grown! Isn't fab to see the bit of sunshine! It has been a harsh winter and I can tell you I am so over the rain! Wishing you a lovely week, Hazel xxx

  4. I hope you had plenty of sunshine on your trip to the coast. We've had lots of it last week and today was dry and bright too. It's cold though. Spring may be on its way but winter's not over yet. X

  5. What wonderful signs of spring indeed! Happy valentines! xx

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