Thursday, 16 August 2012

bug hunt

Thought you might like to see our new friend.  The little ones have spent the afternoon bug hunting in the garden and Colin the caterpillar was the prize specimen.

Their cousin is visiting and sleeping over on his own for the first time.  You can imagine the excitement.

Curtains are pulled, jim-jams on and movie night is about to start.  I am off to pop some popcorn.  Maple syrup flavour, anyone?


  1. Ooooooo my Daughter when she was a tiny toddler used to fetch them in and warm them up in front of the she thought they were cold outside! Great activity for children....enjoy the popcorn xx

  2. Amazing looking caterpillar! Our nasturtiums are being chomped rapidly, There's hundreds of them out there so we're just popping out to look at them regularly. I love that first sleepover excitement, good luck getting them to bed eventually!! Rachel x

  3. What an unusual colour.

    I think our moth caterpillar was eaten as there was no trace after a couple of days and no cocoon to be found.

    Nina x

  4. When I was little me and my friends 'found' lots of furry catapillars in the hedge. There seemed to be hundreds of them and we spent ages collecting them. The next day we all woke up with a rash, Caterpillar Rash! I'm not sure if it was the caterpillars or something else we had been in contact with but there were a lot of bright pink kids playing on the street that day!
    Hope they have a great time ( and you get some sleep too!) Ada :)

  5. So cute their first sleepover. Good luck getting them to bed x

  6. Pleased to meet you Colin :)

    How exciting a first sleepover must be!

  7. Hope Colin enjoyed the film! :) x

  8. Maple syrup popcorn, oh yes please!! Yum. Hope you get some sleep tonight and the kids don't keep Colin awake. x

  9. Thanks to everyone for your lovely messages ... we had a great time although bedtime was a little later than usual to say the least ... Colin seems to have enjoyed the hospitality but will be released to his natural abode later today :) Bee xxx


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