Monday 10 December 2012

52 weeks of happy (10/52)

52 weeks of happy, my four simple happy things taken from a lovely relaxed weekend.

A lake view near where I live on a still winter afternoon. On days like this the water is like a sheet of glass.

An ivy leaf found by my eldest while out walking.  He thought it looked like an alien.  I love the bright yellow colour.

Crafting these little linen stars.

And the beginnings of one of my favourite meals, beetroot and goats cheese risotto.

What's making you happy at the moment?


  1. Your photos represent such joy and peace fullness...

  2. Beautiful calm happy things! The colours are very wintery. x

  3. Ooh, beetroot & goats cheese risotto - that sounds yum, and would definitely bring me happiness too! Beautiful pics...
    Have a happy day

  4. Lovely delicate little stars and the risotto sounds divine. Have a happy week Bee xo

  5. Great shots and very sweet little stars.

  6. Beetroot and goats cheese risotto?! Sounds delish x

  7. That risotto sounds AMAZING! I haven't made a risotto for ages and you've reminded me how much I like them. Those little stars are sweet. I like the contrast of the sparkles against the grey background. Have a fab week, Bee. xx

  8. Bee,
    That risotto sounds Divine!! please share the recipe with us all?????
    I love that "alien" leaf too, such super imagination,
    just remember I need to reply to your email asap.... memory is rubbish at the moment!!
    Daisy J XXXX

  9. Linen stars as well as clouds! Have a happy week Bee! :)

  10. The beet and goat cheese risotto sounds really good, I have never tried that before.
    The stars are lovely... Pretty sequins as well.
    Have a happy week x

  11. lovely linen stars, really sweet and risotto sounds great, I've still never made it! Heather x

  12. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments ... I am so sorry I can't reply to you all individually ... time is running away on me at the minute ... but I do so love to hear from you ... a few of you like the sound of the risotto ... it has been noted ... I will share the recipe the next time we have it ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  13. The stars are lovely, and I'm another who was going to ask for the risotto recipe so I'll look forward to you posting it.

    I think time runs away from everyone around about now ... hope you don't end up too frazzled!

  14. beetroot and goats cheese?! that sounds amazing! yum.

  15. Oh wow, that meal looks like its going to be good...I adore goats cheese :) xx

  16. That lake view is so serene, a lovely photograph - hope you have an equally happy week this week x

  17. Congratulation Bee...

    You´re the Giveaway winner... (see

    Kiss <3

  18. Hello There,
    I just found your beautiful blog and can't stop reading. Every thing is so pretty around here. I Became your newest follower and look forward to your future posts.
    Lots of Love,
    Chloe from Lobley Cottage blog.


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