Monday 17 December 2012

a winner

Two posts in one day.  Must be some kind of record,  Anyway on to the business at hand.

With the able assistance of my eldest we popped all the names in the hat or stocking in this case . I thought we should keep it festive.  He dipped in and drew out a winner.

The lucky lady is Jo from Binds you to me.

So if you could let me know your address Jo I will pop your parcel in the post. Thanks to everyone who took part.  I will no doubt do another in the new year.

I'm off out later to the school nativity play.  Cue manic maternal pride.


  1. Yay congratulations to Jo! What a lovely early Christmas present. Oh and I finally got to the Post Office today so your mirror is on it's way to you Bee! x

  2. Well done Jo! And I love your stocking...did you make it?

  3. Wow! Thank you Bee, I am very excited! I never win things so this is a really lovely early Christmas present. Thanks also Rachel and Lindsey. I will be in touch Bee, Jxx

  4. Congrats Jo - what a lovely Christmas pressie!
    Hope you enjoyed the Nativity, Bee and managed not to burst with pride :-)

  5. A big congrats to Jo!
    Super cute stocking :)
    Have a lovely day x

  6. lovely stocking!!
    2 posts in 1 day is definitely a records! Nice work. I've been missing from the blog world lately and felt so bad about it...lovely to be back. Your posts are the first I've visited and you've got me all inspired again. Thanks :)
    Hope the nativity play went well.

  7. that is such a cool stocking! Congrats on the winner!



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