Monday 17 December 2012

52 weeks of happy (11/52)

My four simple happy things this week.  It's feeling festive now.  Joining in with Jen at little birdie.

Jen is guest posting at modflowers today and during the week, pop over and visit.

Taking the wee ones to visit Santa Claus at Castle Coole.  He was staying there while training the reindeer.

My granny and grandad's nativity, now mine.  I love it for the memories.

A beautiful gift in the post from the very lovely Caroline. Thank you.

Making with the little ones.  More on that later.

Hope you are all enjoying much happiness of your own.


I'll be back later with the giveaway winner.  I just have to organise the mystery hand.


  1. Are you making something for yourselves to eat or for the birds ;)?
    So nice to have those Christmas memories, makes everything even more special,
    don't you think? Mirjam xx

  2. Very festive happies this week Bee! How lovely that you inherited your Grandparent's nativity. I have some of my Grandma's tree decorations and I love them because I remember seeing them hanging on the tree at her house when I was little. x

  3. Glad you are having such a great time! Lots of lovely things for you this week! :)

  4. sweet, are you making bird seed?! Heather x

  5. Thanks bee, I'm glad you like them. So lovely to have inherited the nativity, it's lovely to be able to bring things out at Christmas with wonderful memories of them. Hope your having a good week. xx

    1. Thanks Caroline ... I love having my grandparents things ... I was admiring your lovely collection of baubles on your post yesterday ... they are very beautiful ... wishing you a lovely week too ... Bee xx

  6. Thanks Jooles ... and you too ... Bee xx


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