Tuesday 9 July 2013

52 weeks of happy (38/52 and 39/52)

Joining Jen for 52 weeks of happy, a double dose of happiness this week.

Our school holidays are well underway. Just one of many happy things right now.

The weather. Glorious sunshine and blue, blue skies and in the evening skies marbled with pink hued clouds promising a beautiful day tomorrow.

Adventures in sugar paste.  I had an evening of fun creating decorated cupcakes as gifts for the boys teachers.  They are a little amateur but I was pleased with how they turned out.

Reading Roald Dahl books in the sunshine with my boys.  I loved these stories when I was younger and iI  I have enjoyed their familiarity.  Reading outside in the shade is a great way to while away an hour or two when the sun is hottest and energy levels have taken a dip.

I do love summer, especially summer bathed in sunshine.  Maybe it's a case of rose tinted spectacles but weren't our childhood summers just like this.

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves and to our friends in the southern hemisphere I hope winter is mild and equally enjoyable.


  1. Hello Bee
    Nothing can beat a Roald Dhal book to while away a dip in energy in the afternoon. Sometimes I just love to relive parts of my childhood through Alice, it's what keeps us young at heart I think. We still have 2 weeks to go before school is out! Hope that sun keeps a shining xox Penny

  2. I thought those cupcakes looked great! We love Roald Dahl here too and what a good idea to read together outdoors. Xx

  3. Aren't these long summer days just fab? We do deserve them after that winter that seemed to go on forever. Wishing you a happy rest-of-the-week too :-)

  4. What a lovely lot of happiness ... let's hope the sun keeps shining :) x

  5. Your post is full of Summer! I could just do with one of those amazing cakes right now with my coffee :)

  6. I love those cupcakes! Such happy colours too :) Perfect happiness right here! Hazel x

  7. Yes to summer days, yes to cupcakes and yes to Roald Dhal, perfect way to spend the hours xx

  8. Lovely happy moments! My wee girl loves Roald Dhal books too, her favourite is Matailda. Your cupcakes look great!
    M x

  9. We are fan of Roald Dhal too, love his humour! :) x

  10. What a fabulous sky. My daughter loves Roald Dhal too - she can literally demolish a book (from a reading point of view) in hours.

    Nina x

  11. We've always been huge fans of Roald Dahl here, from my youth to theirs. In fact not so long ago I caught a 20 year old reading The BFG for the umpteenth time. I think in this house Dahl now officially qualifies as comfort reading, along with Terry Pratchett and Jane Austen.

    Gorgeous sky :)

  12. I loved Roald Dahl as a child and Bella is a fan. We read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to her a while ago and she loved it. Reading in the shade sounds just perfect. What a fabulous sunset photo. x

  13. Oh I love your sky - so dreamy. I always loved The Twits when I was little and my Kids love The BFG and of course Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :-)

  14. This sounds blissful. I think danny the champion of the world was my very favourite, but it has been a while so I would have to reread all his books to make sure that it was! have a lovely weekend - Annie

  15. Things seem so wonderful for you, I'm so glad...
    Have a great rest of your weekend,


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