Thursday 4 July 2013

nature in the home

My red nature in the home contribution. 

Apples are a favourite here.  The fruit bowl empties as quickly as I can fill it. Every shopping list has apples on it.

Red varieties are our favourite, braeburn, royal gala and pink lady but we are partial to the odd golden delicious or granny smith.

Do you have a favourite?

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  1. We love Pink Lady but they are a treat as they are so blooming expensive! Usually we have a similar mix as you but we've got our first apple tree this year with a variety called Red Falstaff - got no idea what it'll taste like but very excited about picking our first one! Jane x

    1. I love the Pink Ladies too but they are a rare treat ... we have two apple trees planted last year and had apples on one of them ... the little ones ate them all although they were tiny ... Bee xx

  2. My boy F is addicted to apples, they last about an hour in the bowl. I have to limit them as they make his teeth go very yellow (or so I have assumed). lovely photos x

  3. I love that first photo! We love apples too, my daughter especially. We like all kinds but pink lady are a particular favourite...
    M x

  4. Granny Smith for me, but they have to be bright green and crunchy - very fickle about my apples! X

  5. My favourite, just off to get one! Yum :) x

  6. Golden Delicious are my favourite, but you can't beat Granny Smiths for a crumble with custard! Lovely photos, Almost feel like I could just reach into the screen and pick one :-)
    Have a lovely weekend, Bee

  7. Oh yummy! Lovely appley photos :)

  8. Apples are just perfect aren't - in a handy, dandy, put it in my pocket sort of way. Daughter Maille LOVES apples and declares Cox's Orange Pippen to be the finest of the fine - we bought one for her birthday a few years ago and treasure the fruit (I am sure that she was delighted to receive a tree for her 9th birthday....)
    Best wishes

  9. It's funny how people either love or hate apples. For me it's an intense love, in fact I get a little edgy if we don't have any in the house, which means we normally have around 4 bags at a time in the fridge, not good! When I was pregnant with my first I had the most intense cravings for apples and they had to be royal gala, nothing else. I ate around 4 a day, it was very weird. When my next came it was a bit different with no major cravings for apples, but I still have at least two a day, sometimes more these days. At least I am happy to eat braeburns again, it it really does depend on the season as I prefer galas over the winter. It's a strange one! Love your photos and great post of red!! Wishing you a very happy weekend xoxo

  10. Gorgeous images :) I'm really picky about my apple varieties, there are plenty I'd skip in favour of a different type of fruit, but I do like a nice fresh Coxes Orange Pippin :)

  11. What beautiful photos Bee! I love apples and we get through loads. Pink Lady are my favourite but they're a treat as they're a bit pricey, but you can't beat a crisp, sharp, juicy Granny Smith. xx


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