Saturday 27 July 2013

52 weeks of happy (41/52)

We're almost half way through our summer holidays.  Most days we don't have a definite plan.  Free and easy, we let our mood dictate what we get up to.

The sun is still shining although we have had some amazing thunderstorms.  As our summer days roll into weeks we are loving every minute.

Joining Jen for 52 weeks of happy, my four simple happy things.

Blackcurrants.  Gathering the shiny, ripe fruit alongside the little fairy as she said 'just the black ones, not the red ones, leave them for birdies'.  I think I will make some jam.

My new bowl, a bargain find.  I love the blue flowers around the rim.

Making flapjacks, sticky and sweet.  Another childhood memory to share with my little ones.

Meeting up with my cousin and her three girls.  A catch up and an opportunity for our wee ones to become firm friends.

I'm off to a car boot sale tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I find some treasure. Wishing you all a lovely day whatever you get up to.


  1. Your summer days are looking fab, lazy days are just great, no routine..and look at your veg patch! I can't believe how much mine has grown in a week, it's like they've just decided they need to catch up! :) x

  2. Ooh, love picking blackcurrants. I love the smell that's left on your hands from the bushes (think I'm a bit odd!) Hope you find some good buys at the car boot!xx

  3. Now that bowl of blackcurrants is beautiful all on it's own but I've just read Ada's comment about a veg patch - should there be a picture? Sounds like you've got Summer just right - kicking back with family and enjoying every minute. Good luck for the boot sale x Jane

  4. oh, black currents, car boot sales, English summer...STOP! Im getting jealous!!! xox

  5. It all sounds perfect. Love the bowl and those wonderful looking black currents. Enjoy the carbooting and time with your cousin. Xoxo

  6. Ooh good luck with the car boot. I'm taking the boys to a pick your own this week. The intention is enough fruit for jam making for pressies.

    Leanne xx

  7. I love black currents harvested mine last week and made a crumble. The smell was lovely from the plant.
    Hope the car boot went well x

  8. Bee did you get anything at the "Booty"?? and please publish your flapjack recipe?
    I know they are simple...but they have to be just the right kind of chewy!!
    Knowing you I expect they will be perfect...
    d x

  9. love ripe blackcurrants! there's lots here this year, i picked a big box for us in the weekend. i think i like eating them uncooked, so that's what i'll do :) loving that vintage bowl, so dainty - hope there were lots of goodies at that carboot!
    PS. love your blog's name - it's very evocative of summer laundry, billowing bedsheets on the line outside and a big puffy pillow smelling of sun and hay to fall asleep on... :)

  10. Lovely post, I especially love the shot of the blackcurrants, perfect xx

  11. Did you find some treasure? I do hope so - though blackcurrants would be enough for me - I love them. Have you ever made ice cream with them? It is delicious if you have some spare
    Best wishes

  12. That bowl is so pretty and it looks even better filled with freshly picked fruit. I love to go fruit picking, it's one of my favourite things to do in the world. So glad you're having a wonderful summer Bee! xx


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