Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Just a quick hello after an impromptu blogging break.  There is no real reason for my lack of posts.  I have been busy with festive commitments and planning. Sometimes life takes over a little.

So this year I have opted for a very gentle Christmas.  I cheated a little and got ahead by sorting Father Christmas last month so have largely ignored the mad rush which seems to have taken hold lately.

We are keeping it simple this year.  Family, friends and good food, the things that have brought us much pleasure throughout the year.

We put our tree up last weekend and the little ones decorated it.  Amazingly I haven't rearranged a single bauble.

I am really looking forward to the school nativities next week.  The little fairy will be Mary in her playschool performance.  She is very excited.

I'm off now to find suitable attire for two shepherds.  Now where did I stash those new tea towels?


  1. Welcome back Bee - it's a busy time of year and sometimes it's good to just take some time out to breathe and catch up with life. Have fun at your little ones nativity plays, I'm sure they will be just lovely. Xx

  2. Sounds like you are super organised Bee, that's the best way to go and then you can enjoy all the school nativity festivities and socialising. Christmas is always a simple affair in our house, we don't feel comfortable with the over consumption and commercialism of it all. Hope your Mary fairy girl enjoys her performance, I'm sure it will be very sweet and precious and that the shepherds were their tea towels with pride. Keep enjoying xox Penny

  3. I love school plays, I think Christmas needs to be about spending time together and celebrating and not worrying about all the things you should be doing.

  4. That is exactly what Christmas is all about. Have fun and enjoy every moment...

  5. Well done for getting so much planned ahead! And I love the sentiment about a simple family Christmas.
    Enjoy the nativities.
    Sarah x

  6. That's the best way to do things... to take it easy..;-)
    After all Christmas is to enjoy and appreciate all the good things, isn't it?
    Lots of love, Mirjam.

  7. sounds like you have a good approach, love the picture! Heather x

  8. it's lovely to be able to avoid the crazed Xmas rush! the december shopping panic is so off-putting and stressful. it sounds like you are already having a truly zen-ful festive period! wishing you a peaceful Xmas full of warmth and cheer! x

  9. Simple is gets far too complicated at this time of year, love that image! :) x

  10. I am pretty laid back too. I also do my shopping and making throughout the year. keep it real Bee! Jo x

  11. Sounds perfect, I like to keep Christmas as simple and enjoyable as possible. Enjoy those nativities :) x

  12. A hearty 'here here!' to your chilled-out sentiments! You are setting yourself up for some wonderful Christmas memories! Enjoy, Chrissie x

  13. Yes it sure is bonkers busy or as we call it silly season and it is so hard to juggle all the balls. I hope you have fun managing it all. xoxo

  14. I wish I was as organised as you! Have a wonderful Christmas xx

  15. Love that image, Bee.

    I think you've got it spot on, to be honest. It's such a busy time of year - especially with little ones - and you are taking it nice and steady. I think I should take a leaf out of your book! x


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