Tuesday 17 December 2013

nature in the home: garlands

Linking up with Lou for her nature in the home series.  I am really late for this weeks theme of garlands but I think I might just have made it.

My garland couldn't be simpler, a string of popcorn.  Golden kernels popped in oil and strung on strong thread.  I used a large sharp needle but I intend to make more garlands with the little ones and will use blunt tapestry needles so they can have a go too.

I imagine it will be a lovely way to spend an afternoon, happily threading and chatting with a ready made snack within easy reach.  Providing we can avoid any puncture wounds.

The garland I made has been draped on our tree and is looking pretty against the red and green.  They make a lovely decoration for the mantel too.

As you probably know by now, I love birds.  I grew up watching my granny ensure that there was always food left out for them in winter.  Continuing this tradition, we will make more popcorn garlands for our feathered friends to hang from the branches of the birch trees in the garden.  A treat for hungry birds in the cold.

Seed cakes are another seasonal make and are a great way to help the birds through the cold frosty days.

Do you feed the birds?


  1. I have always fancied this old fashioned idea Bee, but I'm not sure how much pop corn would have been available as I love eating it so much, there may not be much left for garland making!We also try and ensure that we feed our feathered friends with seed cakes x Penny

  2. So lovely and simple! Like Penny, I'm sure I would have eaten it all before I'd managed to thread it! Emma x

  3. I've never tried making popcorn garlands but I really want to. I love the way they look. Maybe we'll do it this weekend, or on Monday when the school break has already kicked in and we're looking for something to do. :)

  4. You just can't go wrong with a nice popcorn garland on the tree. With a dog who forgets we feed him and is always scrounging for his next snack, I can't put edible things on my tree. I really want to hang gingerbread men from the tree one year too, but no. I feed the birds too. I buy bags of seeds about every two weeks and just load up the feeder and scatter the seeds under the bushes near the house. When it's really cold, which it has been this past couple of weeks (-20/-10C), the birds stay low and in the evergreens, so that's where I scatter most of the seeds. It's nice to see them busy out there ;) Wendy x

  5. This looks lovely! So simple but very pretty on the tree.
    Marianne x

  6. Used to feed the birds but have got out of the habit. Have promised myself to start again this holiday. Such a simple pleasure to watch birds in the garden. Yesterday watched a thrush and a blackbird having a standoff over the berries on our cotoneaster. Didn't know that you could use popcorn - good idea.

  7. Very sweet. We used to use ours for tinsel on the tree. I haven't done it for a few years now to worried that the kids will scoff it. xoxo

  8. I think my boys would be eating the popcorn off the tree!! But the garland for the birds is going on my holiday list of things to do, thanks for a lovely idea!!

  9. Simple but oh so festive, birds will love it too! :) x

  10. ooh they look great, though I don't think I would be able to stop myself from nibbling at that popcorn! x

  11. I'm loving the idea of popping corn and making garlands for the birds :)

    Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas :)

  12. I just love this idea. So simple and easy to do with kids, but also very stylish and effective. I don't put anything out for the birds which is really bad of me, I will have to make a few of these garlands. x

  13. Love the look of your blog Bee, you probably changed it ages ago and it's just me being late to find out. Garlands work well for me. I loved your comment about imagining sitting making them and chatting, I too have romantic dreams of how we'll all do crafty things together. Sometimes it works out and others it goes pear shaped (more often the latter). Hope yours works out.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Lisa X

  14. I've always wanted to try this after seeing it in so many American Christmas films when I was little.....I bet my dog would destroy these in moments, she'd climb the walls for popcorn!

    Really enjoyed reading your blog! Merry Christmas!

  15. i've never made this simple garland before - once we have a tree (not this year) i will sure to try! good idea to give some to the birdies too :)


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